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  1. TechWiz18

    Bitcoin Dropping

    It'll bounce back and probably exceed or at the very least meet the high it visited.
  2. TechWiz18

    Selling General Discussion Site/Domain GabATon.com

    Hello, I started up a General Discussion forum project a a year or two ago just as something fun to spend my time with. However, I am looking at redirecting my energy that I am using here into a new consulting business I am working on starting up. Therefore I am looking to pass on the community...
  3. TechWiz18

    Suggestion Marketplace update

    That may fulfill what they're looking for but it still sounds to me like they'd want a place to sell their graphics, promo vids etc and for people to be able to request it and not have to go digging for these services. In the end, this change doesn't really have an effect on me but I guess I am...
  4. TechWiz18

    Paid/Free Volunteer Technical Admin Available

    Good day to whomever may be reading this :) I am currently available to fulfill one technical role at the moment.
  5. TechWiz18

    Paid/Free Looking for a partner and writers

    What would the responsibilities/expectations of a partner/co-owner be with this website? It sounds like you have quite a bit covered.
  6. TechWiz18

    Suggestion Marketplace update

    I don't believe that's the point of this person's suggestion. I believe they are hoping for sub-forums under Market Place.
  7. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton - Chat, Play, Chill

    Hmm, it's been a hot minute since I've bumped my thread :P In case anyone was curious we do still exist, I stopped pushing so hard for fast growth and have passively continued to run the forum. As it stands if you still would like to drop by and have a casual chat in our threads or start your...
  8. TechWiz18

    Paid/Free Volunteer Technical Admin Available

    Looking for something where I can help maybe more on th Administrative/Technical side of things.
  9. TechWiz18

    I've got a job searching thread that is from 2009, has 13 pages and 10k views.

    I've got a job searching thread that is from 2009, has 13 pages and 10k views.
  10. TechWiz18

    Paid/Free Volunteer Technical Admin Available

    I'm just gonna pop this up tot he top and see if anything interesting comes up :)
  11. TechWiz18

    Post error every time

    I love this Edit: no error :)
  12. TechWiz18

    Post error every time

    I feel as though Malcom has enough updates folks lol. I feel for you @Malcolmjr96
  13. TechWiz18

    Weekly emails

    From what I've seen the opt-out process is pretty easy. Including and not limited to even contacting me if they want.
  14. TechWiz18

    Weekly emails

    I'm in the midst of setting up a weekly "digest" that'll contain new threads and threads that have had recent replies. This email is set to go out only to members that have been active in the last 5 months. It is also very easy to opt out. What thoughts do you all have to share on this?
  15. TechWiz18

    Promotion Forums

    It used to be very saturated back in the day but as many others have said...FP is really the only one still kicking. It'd be good to see one or two pop up but some uniqueness would be necessary.
  16. TechWiz18

    "Premium" Memberships

    I have definitely put the idea on hold because I don't have a horribly large user base as of yet but I would probably put a thread in our feedback forum to see what the community wants.
  17. TechWiz18

    Hi! Wanting to start own forum

    Hey welcome to Forum Promotion!
  18. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton hit's 2,000 posts with 32 members!

    Thanks everyone :)
  19. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton hit's 2,000 posts with 32 members!

    I am excited to announce that Gab A Ton hit a 2,000 post milestone a few days ago! If you haven't already come check us out and join in on the conversations :)
  20. TechWiz18

    How many members does your forum have?

    We currently have 30.