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  1. ThatsTony

    Exchanging Forum Posts/Threads

    I'm interested in exchanging forum post activity with a few other admins. It would be nice if we could post daily and occasionally create threads from time to time. Or we can do a small 10/10 or 20/20 exchange. The forum you'll be writing for is https://marketplaceforum.net and you can...
  2. ThatsTony

    WTB MyBB Developer

    Currently seeking a developer experienced with MyBB to run some tasks for me on my site. Mostly front-end work and mostly has to do with configuring certain plugins and making them work. There's also some bugs/troubleshooting involved. Please message me.
  3. ThatsTony

    Forum Logo Needed

    Really looking for someone to help me make a beautiful, simple logo for my forum. I'll be taking the current "MF" logo and having it revamped. I'd really like shiny, bubble letters with some icons around it representing the type of forum I have. You'll have to get creative with such a small...
  4. ThatsTony

    WTB Forum Threads

    I've launched a brand new forum and am looking for writers to submit topics on cryptocurrencies, gaming and technology. I haven't gotten any responses from people offering their services so I've decided to make a posting here. No titles ending with a question is allowed. All posts should be...
  5. ThatsTony

    Solved Can't view Advertising page

    Not literally, but the page is telling me I won't be able to see any content if I have an adblocker enabled. I don't even have one installed on this browser and still can't see any information on banner ads or advertising here in general. I'm interested in reading further details.
  6. ThatsTony

    MarketplaceForum.net ~ Advertise Your Virtual Goods & Services (Beta!)

    MarketplaceForum.net is a forum where members can buy, sell and trade digital products, currencies and services. When you're not using our marketplace, talk about virtually anything in our lounge and connect with people from around the world. Three goals we have are; To provide a fun and safe...
  7. ThatsTony

    AdminPromotion.COM Domain

    Great, brandable TLD. This domain will work with several niche ideas. C/O: BIN: $20 The domain registrar is Namecheap.
  8. ThatsTony

    Selling Forum Posting - $1 STARTING

    I'm offering a high-quality posting service at an affordable rate for everyone. When you hire me, I'll start by editing my profile on your forum so that I have an avatar and signature to appear more realistic. I'll also create a free introductory thread to greet the community. 12 posts - $1.00...
  9. ThatsTony

    Bun | Domain + Website (Paid script)

    Selling off a site I started almost 2 months ago. Got bored. Domain: bun.pw Website: https://bun.pw/ Stats: This sale includes the domain name and website. This script was originally paid-for on CodeCanyon. The domain is registered on Namecheap and expires next year. Will take offers for...
  10. ThatsTony

    Seeking Writers for NEW Forum [$0.25/article]

    I'm launching a Beta Program on my new MyBB forum that will help me receive feedback and address bugs. I want to select only a handful of people that want to make some earnings during this program and have early registration access to my emerging webmaster forum. Be prepared to write about...
  11. ThatsTony

    Free Reddit Backlink On My Subreddit

    Want to earn a quick Reddit backlink by sharing your site on my Subreddit? I created one just for webmasters. https://www.reddit.com/r/AdminSpace/ AdminSpace is a Subreddit built for webmasters to self-promote and network with other admins. You're free to showcase your website as long as it...
  12. ThatsTony

    Posting on forums for ad space

    Looking to get my website out there. It's just a URL shortening service you can see at http://bun.pw What I'd like to do is offer to post on your forums in exchange for a sticky post or banner advertisement somewhere on your site. If you have a new site and can't even charge people for...
  13. ThatsTony

    Review my URL shortening site

    Site URL: http://bun.pw Date Opened: 06/2018 Notes: Bun is a site I put together that turns long links into short ones. Bun.pw is a friendly URL and we promise your links will look attractive. They are short enough to use on social platforms like YouTube or Twitter and stand out.
  14. ThatsTony

    Hey, it's Tony

    Hey my name's Tony and I found this forum on another site. I like to research and write about many different topics. I'm here to work with like-minded webmasters.