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  1. JoelR

    WTB Looking to buy general forum / admin forums

    I'm interested in general admin / forum / community-related forums to help jumpstart a new project. Serious inquiries please PM. Budget of $500
  2. JoelR

    Suggestion Why do you Site Battle?

    Site battles on Forum Promotion look fun. But I have a serious question for serious admins and webmasters: why do you Site Battle? Do you really care about the ego boost, the FP points, or the Leaderboard? Do these Site Battles actually benefit your long term strategy and growth? Those are...
  3. JoelR

    You're Doing It Wrong - Here's Why

    I'd like to make a hypothesis on most of the Webmasters and Admins who visit FP. Most of you guys are going about your strategy completely backwards. You built a website first. Then you promote it. That's the premise of Forum Promotion, from what I can tell. The pro is that you feel...
  4. JoelR

    Hello Everyone, JoelR from IPS

    Hello Forum Promotion :) My name is Joel R, and I'm a regular visitor to other online administration communities. For some reason, I never joined Forum Promotion (shocking!). I'm a client of IPS so I'll be happy to help anyone with that software. I'm also a certified community manager who...