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  1. TechWiz18

    Selling General Discussion Site/Domain GabATon.com

    Hello, I started up a General Discussion forum project a a year or two ago just as something fun to spend my time with. However, I am looking at redirecting my energy that I am using here into a new consulting business I am working on starting up. Therefore I am looking to pass on the community...
  2. TechWiz18

    Weekly emails

    I'm in the midst of setting up a weekly "digest" that'll contain new threads and threads that have had recent replies. This email is set to go out only to members that have been active in the last 5 months. It is also very easy to opt out. What thoughts do you all have to share on this?
  3. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton hit's 2,000 posts with 32 members!

    I am excited to announce that Gab A Ton hit a 2,000 post milestone a few days ago! If you haven't already come check us out and join in on the conversations :)
  4. TechWiz18

    "Premium" Memberships

    So I have considered implementing some sort of "Premium" membership that costs X amount per month or year. The only reason for the option would be for those that want to support the forum financially seeing as ads aren't a horribly effective way to go about it. For me I'd have the premium...
  5. TechWiz18

    Solved My promotion directory submission

    I posted a new thread under Entertainment this morning to advertise my wife's YouTube channel. As far as I can tell doing so is not against any guidelines. Is it not actually missing or if it is why did it not get approved? I received no notification.
  6. TechWiz18

    The Sims 4 YouTube Channel sahm & bean

    Recently my wife has been regularly creating content from The Sims 4 and frankly the content is quite good. I highly recommend checking it out if you have any interest in the Sims games. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6xBBgJuJQsErVTXY8BEKA
  7. TechWiz18

    How do members find you?

    Do you have stats on how your member base has found your site? Where do they mostly come from?
  8. TechWiz18

    Completed Gab A Ton

    Site URL:https://gabaton.com Package:Ruby Total posts your site:558 Packager Preference:nope Preferred posting location: Anywhere except The Game Room category please. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?:No Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: Sure...
  9. TechWiz18

    Info Contribution Tracking

    Please reply to this thread with a link to the packages that you've contributed too so that I can compensate you!
  10. TechWiz18


    I think everyone knows about Namecheap when it comes to domains. However do you know about their very inexpensive hosting? I haven't personally used them for a website but I've setup my sister in-laws blog up on it and it seems to work quite well. Not to mention their support which is super...
  11. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton reaches 500 posts!

    A few moments ago Gab A Ton reached just over 500 posts!
  12. TechWiz18

    Web Host Requirements

    What kind of requirements are you looking for when searching out a web host for your project?
  13. TechWiz18

    Completed (Gab A Ton) vs. Webmaster Hut

    Who is up for battling Gab A Ton? https://gabaton.com
  14. TechWiz18

    New hosting companies

    I find it interesting that despite the very saturated web hosting market that new companies seem to pop up regularly. Is there enough demand out there for these new companies to be successful?
  15. TechWiz18

    Are paid themes necessary?

    I feel like this is an age-old question for webmasters. In my opinion, a paid theme is not necessary. When possible I would always go the free route when starting off and customizing the theme to fit your needs. For example, I took my forum and used the Xenforo default theme but customized the...
  16. TechWiz18

    Hiring staff too early

    Do you ever find yourself so anxious to get active members that you start hiring staff members just to get them? I think that this is a bad idea. I find that very few if any forum genre's need to have a staff team other than the founders for quite awhile. I also don't think you want to have...
  17. TechWiz18

    How long do you give for your project?

    When you start up a project. What do you do when it doesn't take off right away? Do you only give it a month or two or do you go into it for a long haul? By long haul I mean like 1-3 years and even then it may not be exactly where you want it. How long do you give our project before you...
  18. TechWiz18

    Gab A Ton Feedback :)

    Hello everyone, Hoping to continue to get feedback on my forum https://gabaton.com Always looking to improve :)
  19. TechWiz18

    Affiliate with Gab A Ton

    Hey everyone! Looking to do some Affiliate swapping :) Here's the code if you want to just copy and paste <a href="https://gabaton.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/LdEcpQg.gif"></a> Otherwise my site is https://gabaton.com And the link for my Affiliate image is...
  20. TechWiz18

    Completed Affiliate image for Gab A Ton

    Hello all, I am looking for an Affiliate image for Gab A Ton...https://gabaton.com I would like it to be 88x31 (or around that size). I would also like to have it match up with my logo in regards to font & color scheme Logo: https://gabaton.com/styles/customimgs/logo.png Let me know if you...