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  1. davinci

    Completed 88x31 Image for Promotion Sea

    Here is one you can use:
  2. davinci

    What's your favorite TV series?

    TOS is what I grew up with when I started liking it. It remains my favourite of the franchise. Next Generation was alright, I didn't mind it.
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    WTB I Need Advertising

    Yes it is. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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    WTB I Need Advertising

    I can offer you a 300x250 spot above Recent Posts on the front page and every article page of for $5/month. Site gets 1K - 2K uniques per week.
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    Need A Favicon/Affiliate Button for Admin Discount

    I whipped these up for you.
  6. davinci

    2018 Winter Olympics

    Yeah, I always watch Olympics. Ice hockey is the sport I'm most interested in. Also the skiing speed events (downhill and giant slalom).
  7. davinci

    What's your favorite TV series?

    Of all time? I'd have to go with Star Trek if I had to pick one. The Shield, Sopranos, and Breaking Bad all rank right up there.
  8. davinci

    Lynard Skynard

    Gold and Platinum is the only album you'll ever need.
  9. davinci

    Last thing on TV you watched

    I just watch Survivor: Ghost Island. Not sure I like anybody on there.
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    Do you cook?

    Picked up a 1yr old KitchenAid Artisan mixer on the weekend off of Kijiji. These units retail for $500 and I got it for $180. A pretty good deal I think. The machine was in brand new condition, the guy said he used it once.
  13. davinci

    Who's Your NFL Team?

    Been a Cowboys fan since forever. Go Cowboys!
  14. davinci

    Bitcoin, Your Thoughts?

    The problem with it is that governments will be cracking down on it by going after the exchanges. They know it is used primarily by people doing illegal things, like drug dealing, money laundering, and the like. ... n-bitcoin/ I'd be wary of putting...
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    Webhosting help!

    I can help you. Since it's an emergency I will set you up for free. All I ask in return is a favourable testimonial. If you are interested send me a pm. I need your domain name to set up an account. Take a backup of your database, either through your admin panel or phpadmin if you have...
  16. davinci

    Hockey fans?

    The Finals this year looks like it'll go down to the wire. All four games so far have been close, hard fought battles, three going into overtime. Except for the fact that my team is not playing, you can't ask for much better than that. Being a Habs fan my dna prevents me for rooting for the...
  17. davinci

    What are the little things you appreciate?

    I am grateful to be living in a country that is not wracked by warfare and violence. I can basically do what I want without fear of stepping on a landmine, getting mugged or kidnapped, or being blown up by a radical right winger.
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    Recent Movie News - Smurfs 2, Anchorman 2, James Gandolfini

    Re: Recent Movie News - Smurfs 2, Anchorman 2, James Gandolf Smurfs 2 - meh Anchorman 2 - Yay! Gandolfini - Booo
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    Great Business Idea needs investors

    I'm interested.
  20. davinci

    Hockey fans?

    I like hockey. I am a Habs fan.