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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Good morning
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    Hello Everyone Here

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    How to promote your website

    Good morning
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    welcome to you!
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    New here

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    I was here before but posts got deleted

    welcome MC
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    Hello members,

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    Hey. Need your help

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    Started as professional Youtuber

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    New Member

    welcome to you
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    Hello all! New member

    welcome and if american football then yes
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    Hello Everyone!

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    Ask Me Anything and I will answer (maybe)

    seafood and lots of it. I love all seafood
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    Ask Me Anything and I will answer (maybe)

    pretty goodif you are talking basic math
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    Animal abuse punishments need to be harsher!

    puppy mills are now being regulated as they should be and in some states are illegal. I love animals but we cant have punishment on the same level as hurting killing a human sorry but I dont see that as the punishment fitting the crime. My experience tells me that all that is accomplished by...
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    Free Shrugs, love me please. This looks like spam :(

    favorite fried food
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    Ask this human anything!

    favorite fried food
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    favorite fried food