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    I need to loose 3 stone. But not likely seeing as I can't exercise and take weight gaining medication.
  2. Fullmoon

    How is your posture?

    No it doesn't if I am sat, If it's really bad I have to lay flat, like this week. Although that's not good for my back either.
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    Life with M.E (Chronic Fatigue)

    2 new posts up. Friend is doing a sponsored swim, cause is to Invest in M.E Biomedical research, if anyone wants to donate plz do, link is on the new post of the blog. 2nd post is abit about having an M.E crash :/
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    How is your posture?

    Yea, for me it's not the worst thing I have. I've learn't to tolerate the pain, Pace myself. my worst illness is M.E which apparently can cause pain too. So I've got a real mixture lol.
  5. Fullmoon

    How is your posture?

    It developed in my teens, Docs say curve is not bad enough for surgery (rod in the spine) I also have Fibromyalgia which they say makes the pain worse.
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    How is your posture?

    Terrible since I have Kyphosis (Shoulder curve) & Lordosis (Neck & Lumber curve) Now have a herniated disc because of the lumber curve Back braces and excercises do nothing to help, can in fact make it worse pain wise.. Now I take pain killers and do very light yoga stretches and twists. Also...
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    Ask the Beast!

    Not good tbh . Health gone down hill and it won't ever get better :/ That's why I only get on forums for a couple of hours a week :/
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    Ask the Beast!

    Whoops 2-3 years late Both Was a night owl, Now i'm an early bird. Back for some more questions.
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    Should there be a male/female balance on forums?

    I don't see what difference it makes, On my old Metal music forums we had about an equal amount.
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    Life with M.E (Chronic Fatigue)

    New post up, regarding the NHS - My trouble with the Pain Clinic.
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    Life with M.E (Chronic Fatigue)

    Almost at 200 views. I changed the commenting from google only members to all. Twitter is giving me some good traffic.
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    Do you care about Cross+Backward compatibility?

    I wish they would make consoles backward compatible because not everyone can afford to buy another console to replace they're kaput ones.
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    Who can play guitar?

    I used to play and I was pretty good. Rythmn player. Electric mostly. Played Rock, Punk, Metal. But had to stop because of Tremors in my hands. I have recently picked up the Irish Bouzouki which I love playing.
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    Motley Crue

    Love abit of Motley Crue. Red Hot is my fav song.
  15. Fullmoon

    What are you currently playing?

    Downloaded Dauntless on ps4 yesterday. Really enjoying it.
  16. Fullmoon

    Dou you listen to music while you work?

    No, I can't hear my stepdads bell or him calling me if I have music in my ears, wouldn't be able to hear doorbell for nurses etc. I'm partially deaf so have to have it on quite loud to hear.
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    Font Size feedback

    Anyone know why parts of the text has reverted to the new font and the other parts haven't? It's only on 2 posts I think.
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    Font Size feedback

    O...……..k next problem. I've tried changing the font of all the other posts. But some paragraphs are not changing. I' thought it was because of extra spaces between paragraphs or lines, but it isn't.
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    Font Size feedback

    I haven't done that, That's probably something to do with Blogger - I run it on the free version, so am very limited in what I can do. But I will have a look at the settings. I just changed the previous post to Georgia font, I see what you mean with the paragraphs.
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    Font Size feedback What font size if best? The larger on the new post or the smaller text on the previous posts? Personally I find the large a bit to big, and the small a bit to small, however the small fits the blog posts nicely, but is it hard to read? There is no...