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  1. Martee

    Selling Martee's Bundles of Joy [Blog Posts/Threads/Posts]

    Haze's Bundles of Posting Joy Hey there everyone! You may know me as Haze, Martee or just that fella that lurks around FP from time to time. I've decided to open up a little posting shop where you can purchase blog comments, posts, topics or even a combination of all of the above! Why hire me...
  2. Martee

    Solved Review Service Feedback

    Hey all! As you may have noticed, our dear old Review service hasn't been that active of late! I'm looking into seeing what we can do to make this service get back up to speed and I want your help. I want to develop a service that encompasses what you guys actually want from a review here at...
  3. Martee

    Where would you feel most out of place?

    Where or what situation would you feel most out of place in and why? For me, I'm an isolation creature. I like my own space and minimal contact with people in real life so I absolutely hate gatherings of people where I actually have to talk to them. Drives me up the wall cause I just don't...
  4. Martee

    Whats the shortest length of time you've had a job for?

    This ones in the title really! What's the shortest amount of time you've ever held a job for? Mine was two weeks, just didn't really feel right so said my goodbyes and walked into a place I was with for 3 years. Good times. What's your story?
  5. Martee

    Haze's Hot Tub

    Come join my Hot Tub, where you can ask me anything you want with some canapes at the side of you ready to be eaten in relative comfort. AKA, feel free to ask me anything and probe into whatever depth of my life you feel like probing into :D
  6. Martee

    Looking for a job!

    Hey guys. :D As the title hopefully states, I'm looking for a job on your forum/blog! I've been around the block when it comes to forum/blog jobs, be it a packager,reviewer (Both team and TL positions) to a moderator and admin. I know Xenforo,MyBB and Wordpress the best but I'm a pretty quick...
  7. Martee

    New Logo

    Type of Graphic: Logo Size in pixels: Current logo is 279 x 88 so if it could be around that size, it's all good! Type of payment: PayPal - $5 Link to forum or screenshot: Colour scheme: Take your pick, however it should tie in with this theme...
  8. Martee

    Delta Package

    Site URL: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Delta/Nu/Theta/Omega): Delta Date your site started: Late 2012 Total Posts: 406 Extra Notes: Stick to the latest news if possible and of course, keep them related to the story! Please don't comment on the How-To guides.
  9. Martee

    614% rise in mobile malware

    Read today that mobile malware has grown at a quite frankly incredible rate of 614% since last year. As an iOS user, I'm quite happy that 92% of that goes to Android but of course, no system is safe. More worrying figures shows that only 4% of users of Android have the latest updates which is...
  10. Martee

    Le Free Review

    Name of Site: Savvy Savers Site Genre: Charity Project/Personal Finance Site URL: Type of Review ( Full/Quick ): Full Opening Date: January 16th Additional Notes: I need actual honest feedback so don't hold back. I'm not one to get mad! Also, just in case, as a side...
  11. Martee

    Page load help?

    Just before I launch into it, I just wanna say that I am still getting the hang of all this HTACCESS and cPanel stuff so keep it somewhat noob friendly if possible pl0x. :lol: Basically, I am trying to get the load times down on my site and whilst I know my images...
  12. Martee

    Found some resources. :)

    Found a bunch of free graphics on another forum so I thought I would share them with you guys. Free Advertisment Pack Free Basic Smiley Set Free Moon Logo Free Ribbon Media Logo Free Basic Forum Ranks If you like what you see, don't thank me. Thank the guys who made them!
  13. Martee

    Moderator Wanted

    Forum Name:WebguruBB Positions Available: Moderator Link to forum: Forum Name:WebguruBB Positions Available: Moderator Link to forum: To apply simply fill out this template and PM me on here or over at WebguruBB. :) Username here /...
  14. Martee

    150FP$ for 10 posts on a Webmaster Forum

    Closed, thanks. :)
  15. Martee

    Prize Ideas - Feedback please?

    Hey there people of FP! :P My site is soon going to be running a big competition when we hit the 10K post mark so I was wondering if you guys could tell me what you think of our supposed prizes and of course, if you feel like telling me if you'd actually enter it would be appreciated! Here are...
  16. Martee

    Gamma - WGBB

    Forum Url: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Theta/Omega/Delta/Sigma/New): Gamma Date your forum started: Jan 27th 2012 Total posts on your forum: 8,835 Extra Notes: If your posts/topics could be in the less populated Webmaster Zone sections it would be much appreciated but...
  17. Martee

    WebguruBB vs Top Admin

    Forum Name: WebguruBB Genre of Forum: Webmaster Link to Forum: Extra Notes (Optional): Don't mind who we battle genre wise, just make sure your stats are sort of on par with us to make it fair ;) Look forward to the battle!
  18. Martee

    WebGuruBB vs Computer Talk Forum

    Forum Name: WebGuruBB Genre of Forum: Webmaster Link to Forum: Extra Notes (Optional): Looking to battle someone of a similar size. Genre doesn't matter to me. :)
  19. Martee

    Basic - WebGuruBB

    Name of Site: WebguruBB Site Link: Type of Review ( Pre-Launch/Basic/Sectional/In-Depth ): Basic If Sectional Section: N/a Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): (User) tester112 , (password) demoaccount Additional Notes: We have a new theme which should be the...
  20. Martee

    Beta please. :)

    Forum Url: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Theta/Omega/Delta/Sigma/New): Beta Date your forum started: January 31st Total posts on your forum: 4,885 Extra Notes: Stay out of the general sections if you can please, thanks! :)