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  1. MrDangem

    Server Hosting Banners PSD Layouts - Package 6 Sizes (Limited Time Offer)

    Tips: Your business deserves a good looking banners! Because it only take seconds for people to form judgement on your business competence, trustworthiness, and likability. If you buy it on my site: My price there is $15.00...
  2. MrDangem

    Forum Rank Images - GenHex Rank Images (Free)

    Please post your feedback and comments... Linkback is deeply appreciated. :D
  3. MrDangem

    Forum Signature - Demon Slayer (w/ GIF)

    Credits to Original Post. Hope you like it everyone!! :)
  4. MrDangem

    MrDangem Designs - Banners, Logo, and More!

    MrDangem Designs Hoping for your feedback and opinions in this thread! Negative comments and suggestions is also appreciated.
  5. MrDangem

    Client Campaign - Hosting Banner (Need Critique)

    My intention here is to make a banner with something like "Website-Menu" style and a little bit of product strength then a simple call-to-action button. I wonder if my work is appealing please post some critique. Thanks! ---------------------------------------- Update here is the new one...
  6. MrDangem

    Tweet or FB-Share my Graphics

    The content of this article is my recent graphic works, the Forum Ranks Images. My goal is to let everyone know that forums are still alive and kicking. To let more people know that there are still lots of resources out there for their forums. To get a little exposure for my blog. Link...
  7. MrDangem

    Forum Rank Images - Simple Translucent (FREE)

    To download just check the attachment below or visit mrdangem blog. Hope you like it! please post your comments here or share my blog. It really means a lot to me. Preview:
  8. MrDangem

    Feedback Please - Grow your Business Social Banner

    Just want to ask for some feedback if this design is potential for facebook marketing.
  9. MrDangem

    Completed MrDangem Blog

    Good day FP staffs, Here is my blog I hope it will be approved this time. Thanks
  10. MrDangem

    MrDangem Logo - Please Critique

    My blog is about online opportunities for ph, but mostly on graphic designs and some personal stuffs.
  11. MrDangem

    How to Invite Potential Staffs to your Forum?

    I've seen many good writers from fb groups and other social media. Some of them are not even appreciated and being noticed by many. I wonder how can I invite them to become a staff in my forum. What are the good advantages and benefits I can provide as a forum owner to entice them?
  12. MrDangem

    MinistersHub Project Logo - Critique and Comment

    Sorry about the mockup layout. it's my first time to make a mockup for logo. :D The site is all about christian songs, accompaniment, lyrics, christian prayers, and more about christian topics.
  13. MrDangem

    Free Forum Graphics - Group Images

    Plain Colored Border Group Images Download Available at MyBB, CodeForum Plain Colored Border Group Images Download Available at: MyBB, CodeForum Custom Star Coder Group Images Download Available at: MyBB, CodeForum If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider giving...
  14. MrDangem

    My Quick Banner for Client Campaign

    Please rate my banner!
  15. MrDangem

    Made a new Group Image for my Forum :D

    I wonder if adding metallic border or fading border will make it more cooler?
  16. MrDangem

    My Nature or Tech Banner - please help?

    Hello everyone, I'm still not sure, which of these banners is more attractive and has a premium looks. If you have any ideas please tell so I can improve my banners. Thank you!
  17. MrDangem

    [HELP] EU User Consent Policy

    Can anyone help me summarize this? I can't grasp the concept / meaning behind it. here is the link:
  18. MrDangem

    About Businesses Promotion Through Tarpaulin

    Just want to ask you guys what can you say about these two Businesses. Business A: Has a 2 Tarpaulin with their product and services. Business B: Has a 2 Tarpaulin the first one has the product and services and the second tend to changes once a month with new design of specific product or service.
  19. MrDangem

    How to know if your SEO methods is good?

    I have always been reading and learning for new SEO tips keep on applying some but I'm not sure if I'm doing a good job.
  20. MrDangem

    AnimeFused - Affiliate Swap Micro-Banner

    Good day everyone just want to ask if anyone here is willing to exchange banner with me. But I wish to see first your forum and if It meets what i'm looking for then let's exchange banner. I prefer forum not related to anime. here is my link and banner: