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  1. Oblivion Knight

    Feedback Paid ads and "Expand signature"

    The "Expand signature" link prevents paid ads from being viewed and clicked in some (many) Admin / TL signatures..
  2. Oblivion Knight

    ✔️ Completed Umbrella Online vs. Mental Wellness Cafe

    Player 1 READY! - Umbrella Online
  3. Oblivion Knight

    Closed Posting service

    I reserve the right to decline a service if I feel I can't do justice to the request. Posts / Blogs: x10 posts / comments for $1 x50 posts / comments for $4.50 Threads: x5 threads for $1 x25 threads for $4.50 Once accepted I will fulfil the request at my own leisure, and seek payment via...
  4. Oblivion Knight

    Completed Umbrella Online [Emerald request]

    I'd also like to request @Alexander. return as one of the members if he is happy to do so (please upload an avatar!). Thanks.
  5. Oblivion Knight

    ✔️ Completed Umbrella Online vs. Bayside Gamers

    Player 1 READY! - Umbrella Online
  6. Oblivion Knight

    Post exchanges

    I'm looking to build up a bit of activity at Umbrella Online if I can, so I'm looking for a few weekly 5/5 exchanges.. Alternatively I'd be happy to do one-off 5/5 exchanges. I reserve the right to refuse an exchange. Current weekly exchanges: 1.) Discussion Hub 2.) Fortree Forums 3.) Mind...
  7. Oblivion Knight

    Completed Umbrella Online [Garnet request]

    May as well spend some of those FP$.. ;)
  8. Oblivion Knight

    Umbrella Online | Resident Evil and survival horror gaming

    Umbrella Online is primarily a Resident Evil and survival horror gaming fan community. The project initially ran from 2002-2003 on vBulletin 2, and after a long hiatus have decided to revive it following the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, as well as the upcoming releases of Resident...
  9. Oblivion Knight

    Nerdface v2.1.9 (Beta)

    The latest build of Nerdface has now gone live! :cool: v2.1.9 focuses on closer integration with the Blogs and Media centre, providing them with additional space on the forum index to showcase this additional content. These features will also be fully integrated with the site's Trophies prior...
  10. Oblivion Knight

    Selling XenCentral Feedback System (Branding Free)

    Product information: XenCentral Feedback System 2 License purchased: 21/04/19 (updates for 1 year) Total cost: €89,99 (£81.22) Selling for: £65.00 £60.00 £55.00
  11. Oblivion Knight

    ✔️ Completed Nerdface vs.

    URL: Genre: Tech / Gaming / Nerdy Stuff Type: Forum Nerdface enters the ring for only the second time..! :punch:
  12. Oblivion Knight

    Completed Nerdface

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Package Total posts on your forum: 1,488 Packager Preferences: No preference. Area Preferences: All areas fine apart from Deals and offers, Classifieds, and Suggestions and feedback. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Yes Extra...
  13. Oblivion Knight

    [Suspended] Nerdface - Post exchange

    Offer temporarily suspended due to a lack of spare time. The exchanges below shall remain active. Active exchanges 1.) @JoyFreak - Active/Active 2.) @Ash - 10/10 Weekly 3.) @TopSilver - Active/Active
  14. Oblivion Knight


    Site Name: Nerdface URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Nerdface is a friendly place where (almost) anything goes, and self-proclaimed nerds are especially welcome! What is Nerdface? I'm so glad you asked! Nerdface is a nickname that I was given approximately 8 years ago by my...
  15. Oblivion Knight

    Er... Hi!

    I'm a newbie to Forum Promotion, but certainly not the forum scene in general. I've quite recently started a new project (the first in quite some time!) and I'm hoping to pick up some useful hints and tips from other admins, as well as perhaps one or two members along the way.. :) I'm also a...