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  1. Jason5

    What forum software to use for Promotion Sea?

    Good that you choose MyBB, atleast if you want to upgrade to a paid forum software you can do it easily.
  2. Jason5

    Half of forums started are defunct

    Main thing forums to go defunct is the mindset (i am one of the great example). Many start a project, do small advertising and post exchange and expect many to join the forum within 1 month and contribute. Expect traffic to come automatically and use ad service to earn, but it fails miserably.
  3. Jason5

    Indian Christianz

    Thank you for your wishes. Our stats, Total Posts: 84 Total Topics: 63 Total Members: 5
  4. Jason5

    Indian Christianz

    Indian Christianz Community for Indian Christians to meet fellow Christians, submit prayer requests, share testimonies, get help and lots more.
  5. Jason5

    Webmaster Hut exchange [Closed]

    @ShawnHikes, sorry i no longer own the site. I have sold it.
  6. Jason5

    What do you think of my new theme?

    Good work on the theme and logo :)
  7. Jason5

    Closed Woltlab License [Forum Suite]

    Anyone selling Woltlab license [Forum Suite alone], do let me know the price and license details. Thanks!
  8. Jason5

    Webmaster Hut exchange [Closed]

    @KnownSyntax i no longer run the site and i am just a member. Sorry about that.
  9. Jason5

    Is XenForo too expensive now?

    @MeowsePad You are saying these things after using XF 2 or any version it doesn't matter?
  10. Jason5

    Is XenForo too expensive now?

    @Lämmchen why not give Xenforo demo a try. This way you can get a better idea of how the admin panel is.
  11. Jason5

    Christianity Haven - Post Exchanges non-religious topics avail.

    If you are free now we can start a small post exchange.
  12. Jason5


    The logo can be light brighter. Nice site and good luck with it.
  13. Jason5

    Intro: Manu

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Nice to see another person from India.
  14. Jason5

    New website need help

    It would be great if you share what type of help is needed. What are you looking for. More details will help you find a suitable person.
  15. Jason5

    FP$ Logo for Christian Forum

    Can you send it to else via P.M
  16. Jason5

    8,000 Threads at Christianity Haven

    Wow that is another great milestone, glad to be part of the forum.
  17. Jason5

    FP$ Logo for Christian Forum

    Thanks for the cool logo, i missed the replies sorry. I have sent the FP to you. Thank you so much!
  18. Jason5

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all
  19. Jason5

    Christianity Haven - Post Exchanges non-religious topics avail.

    No issues, then lets celebrate Christmas and New Year and we will start the exchange.
  20. Jason5

    Just another admin, passing by...

    Greetings, glad you found Forum Promotion and took time in signing up.