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    Count to 25,000

  2. Slix

    Poliwager Forums reaches 2,000 topics!

    With the recent thread about holiday music, Poliwager Forums has hit 2,000 total topics created! What a milestone. It's so exciting, and we will continue onto the next 1,000!
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    How many posts does your forum have?

    50,956 currently.
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    How much do you pay for parking?

    Street parking by me is free, but we have to alternate sides on residential streets by my house to avoid a ticket. But when I go downtown, I avoid paying for parking either by walking an extra block or two, or going after 6pm when the meters are free. Going to busier cities with more expensive...
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    Forum Index Redirect Auction #1

    I'll start the bid: 10 FP!
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    Are paid themes necessary?

    I personally don't see a point in paying someone else to make a theme for you if you can make or edit one to your liking without having to go through a middleman. I've used custom (non-default) themes over the years but edited them to my liking (so much in recent years that it's almost an...
  7. Slix

    Affiliate with Gab A Ton

    Hi! Your forum looks nice, and I think it would be a good fit for being an affiliate with Poliwager Forums! We're a small Pokémon forum that also likes to just hang out and chat. Let me know if you would be interested! The code is here if you want to: <a href=""...
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    Gab A Ton reaches 500 posts!

    Great job! Congrats! :D
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    You're Doing It Wrong - Here's Why

    I agree with this idea. So many members over the years here come in, promote their freshly created site with 2 members, 12 posts, and a default theme, and expect it to flourish overnight. It doesn't usually work like that. Taking the time to invest a bit before sharing it to the world can help a...
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    Poliwager Forums - Small Fun-Loving Pokémon Community!

    Just a bump for the fall season: Poliwager Forums started recently doing Community Weekends once during the middle of each month, as a way to get together and hang out and enjoy bonuses for Poliwager Adoptables as well! We have over 800 members now and nearly 2,000 total topics, and over 50,000...
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Hello everyone. :)
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    Free Looking For Moderator Job

    Hi! Not sure if you're still looking for a moderator role, but Poliwager Forums is possibly looking for some members or staff to help boost activity. We're a Pokémon-centered forum, but we often have discussions about other stuff too. We're a laid back, friendly small group. PM me for more...
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Wow, apparently I've been a member here for 10 years now. Hello again!
  14. Slix

    Poliwager Forums - Small Fun-Loving Pokémon Community!

    Another bump! Poliwager Forums is now 10 years old! We had our 10th birthday last month, on April 10th! Come celebrate with us and join in the fun! Poliwager Forums
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Good afternoon everyone! Hope your weather is nicer than the rain here!
  16. Slix

    Poliwager Forums Turns 10!

    Thanks everyone! :D It does get hard sometimes! But the main thing that keeps bringing me back is that I just want to continue to create a friendly place that fellow Pokemon fans (and other non-fans alike!) can hang out and connect with each other. The community is what keeps me going!
  17. Slix

    How is the Weather?

    It was quite warm the past couple days but today it's down to the 30s again. Brr!
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    Poliwager Forums Turns 10!

    Hi everyone! Just dropping by to say that my site Poliwager Forums has just turned 10 years old today! Thank you to everyone who's stopped by over the years and helped create such a fun, easy-going community! :D
  19. Slix

    50,000 Posts on Poliwager Forums!

    Poliwager Forums has just reached 50,000 Total Posts! This is a crazy milestone, right around our 10th birthday, upcoming in just a week! Thanks to everyone who's joined and participated over the years to help us get this far. The community on Poliwager is amazing. :)