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    New Ways Of Advertising?

    best place are facebook ads and google ads
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    How to get YT subscribers

    you want black hat or white hat?
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    Best place for paid advertising?

    facebook ads i think
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    SEO Checklist?

    first you should check seo on-page, such as meta title, internal link, .....
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    Content VS Backlinks?

    backlink is important as well as content
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    How do you promote your forum?

    i think so
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    Free Tools for Finding Keyphrases

    yahoo is no longer now, google keyword planner is still the best
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    101 ways to get more traffic for your website!

    there are something useless
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    Promote my new fourm

    if free you should learn seo
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    Most effective paid advertising?

    google adwords
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    Why anyone don't help me in forum?

    what did you ask?
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    Forming a group to launch a forum

    it is a good idea, try it
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    Social Media impacts on Forum sites

    in this case i will not use facebook, forum and web seem not work well with fb
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    Paid Advertising?

    it worked, of course you pay money you will reach more customer but the quality depend on your strategy
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    Are signature advertisements working?

    i don't think so, many condition
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    Did you think online advertising was simple?

    i have the same idea