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    Sponsor Talk Mental Health

    Current Statistics 5747 Threads 116,689 Messages 196 Members Our active community is growing each and every day. Come check us out for a fun place to hang out or get some mental health support.
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    ⚔ In Progress The Life Spot vs VGR

    Voted, had to give it to the new site lifespot.
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    Hello FP

    Welcome back to the site @HolisticStorm :)
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

  5. ozzy47

    Keep pets calm?

    I personally would try a thundershirt, They have a pretty good affective rating on helping keep pets calm.
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    Welcome to FP.
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    Need a name for an 18+ sub-forum

    Risqué Cabaret Crafts Den of Vice Crafts
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    I’m three weeks into my second phizer dose and no issues.
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    Last thing on TV you watched

    The news.
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    Sponsor Talk Mental Health

    I’ve gone ahead and condensed down the forums quite a bit. Categorized them much better than they were before. The members seem to appreciate the change.
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    Sponsor Talk Mental Health

    I’m just putting it out there like it is. I listened to people, and they still fought everything. This is normal with any site that has a major staff/ownership change. You accept it, deal with the fallout, then move on and build the site better than it was before. We can rebuild it, better...
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    Best free Add Ons for Xenforo?

    Most of them will just work as is, unless XF completely changes something. The others, well you just put your nose to the grindstone and fix what needs to be done.
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    Sponsor Talk Mental Health

    Exactly, It’s sometimes good to cleanse the site .
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    Do you have an emergency fund?

    I have a small fund, but more is available if needed.
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    Guest access for wi-fi

    Nope, I don’t offer that.
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    How do you feel about duplicate threads?

    I’m mixed on them. I guess I don’t mind them especially if the duplicates are old.
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    At what point is it abuse of power?

    I’ve never understood limited posting.
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    Sponsor Talk Mental Health

    Well with any change of ownership, you have cliques that might not like the change(s) and leave. It’s all good though, site is coming along nicely and has more on topic activity than before.
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    Count to 25,000

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    Count to 1,000