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    Paid/Free Partnership/Ownership of a Home Made Trading Card Game Discussion Site

    The Home of Homemade TCG Over at Trading Card Makers, we believe that trading card games are a trend that is here to stay. These games provide rich gameplay experiences, a range of tactical options and a collectable aspect that is unlike anything else. So we want to be the foundation for...
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    Solved I bought a name change and it didn't go into my inventory.

    Is there something I am not doing right.
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    My main project/business - RicksMealWorms

    Hi all as you most probably can see my name is Rick or Ricki and I am currently looking for a few individuals to help out with my forums and ranking I don't know nothing about it just learning as I go along. This is what I got: a 50 tray meal worm setup that is selling meal worms, fertilizer...
  4. TradingCardMakers - Something I bought ages ago - Need Sponsorship

    Hi there ya'all! I am Vaador also known as Rick I am looking to set up this domain on something but need a host or someone reliable to help me out until end of the week. I have plans to grow this roleplayforums in to something big.
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    Paid/Free Looking for a co-owner for a paid to earn forums - must be willing to get the domain hosting read more..

    Hi there yaall. I am starting with nothing until the end of the week, hopefully going to turn that one forum in to something major, and outstanding. I don't know what it is yet, but maybe me and you can find that niche! A bit about me I am thirty years old, I live by my self with a cat named...
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    Paid/Free Partnership Owner of a TCG Forums

    Found someone and now working on it
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    WTB Blog Articles and Forum Poster is the project I am currently working on. State your price?
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    bringing some nature into your home.

    What is TerrariumForums is a forums that is dedicated to nature and bringing up unusual topics for this niche. What is a Terrarium? A Terrarium is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown, and can also be used for landscaping a scenery. We...
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    Partner Search Forum Partnership

    Hello to who ever may read this, my name is Rick and this evening I am on a search for a partner for a particular game on the Nintendo DS/Switch. I'm not going to go in to it to much about the particular game but if I can find someone who is able to come up or help with the whole creation of the...
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    Solved Created an account named krya

    I found the password for this account you can delete the account krya
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    found someone

    found someone
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    Feedback My prospective/feedback/suggestions, on/for,

    I have seen ForumPromotion have it's highs and lows but in a nut shell I would say ForumPromotion as a 50/50 chance it will grow, or a 50/50 chance it will remain the same, so I am going to give you the best possible advice/suggestions from my head and what I have seen and hopefully my feedback...
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    Selling Selling Xenforo 2 with Resource Addon $125

    It runs out next year on the support and never been transferred.
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    What forum software to use?

    I have Ipb and xenforo but finding all the plugins you need is extremely difficult. I know of a serious mybb developer but don't know how much he charges What do you reckon 2018 forum software is?
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    Hello ? to who ever reads this! I have had this domain for a few years now and wanted to make something out of it because it is a really decent domain. I also have a few years hosting paid for plus Xenforo or IPB licences (the IPB licence comes with tones of add-on’s over 490 dollars worth of...
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    Site Name: Tech-Forum URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Welcome to Tech-Forums. The best place to find all your esential information about the latest tech, software and other gadgets! Have a question you want answered, make a post and watch the community answer in no time...
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    Site Name: YouGetBTC URL: Type: Website/Forum Site Info: PTC/GPT Site running on something newer. The site is undergoing major changes and will see a lot of updates that will come within a few weeks. Also this is a sort of promotion sign up. If you signup to the forums and...
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    Selling Selling Xenforo and IPB with blog add on.

    Offer your price via a pm or reply and I will contact as soon has I see it.
  19. TradingCardMakers l For All Your Crypto Needs And More!

    Site Name: CryptoBunker URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Crypto news and guides.