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  1. Rey619

    Posting Con

    I’ve Decided to go ahead and start something really cool. A posting contest. From Now until May 1 the member who is active, contributes and posts the most of out everyone will win a prize of $20-25. This will be the one of many several different contest I will be putting together for SWC because...
  2. Rey619

    ✔️ Completed SWCTHENEWBEGINNING vs Christianity Haven

    I’m probably going to lost but it’s a way for me to gain some viewship and who knows fight me
  3. Rey619

    Continuous daily exchange I can do 10-20 a day
  4. Rey619

    New but not new

    I’m back
  5. Rey619

    Free Staff needed

    Need a mod or 2 for up and coming sports and general discussion forum. Message me if interested
  6. Rey619

    Completed Garnett package 71 posts 3 members
  7. Rey619

    SWC The New Beginning It’s been 5 years since I did forum but I’m back and ready to get this off the ground. We need help. We need staff we need members we need new ideas.
  8. Rey619


    If you could please donate to my go fund I have hit a dead end and need some help or if you can’t help please share It on Facebook every dollar counts
  9. Rey619

    Selling I will post on your forum

    Hello Everyone, so I am in a tight spot right now. Homeless right near the holidays and trying to make it. I will post on your forum for cash$ I accept PayPal only. I don’t have a set price so if you are interested in my services please send me a messsge. I do have a reference. Thanks
  10. Rey619

    Completed SWCNETWORK

    Site URL: www.SWCNetwork.Com Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 13,000 Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) Any Area Preferences: (Any preference on which areas on your forum you would like us to make the posts?) Would you like to upgrade all replies to...
  11. Rey619

    SWC Network

    Site Name SWC Network URL: http://www.SWCNetwork.Com Type: (Choose between Forum, Blog, Website, or Affiliate) forum Site Info: an all everything forum. Almost 1 year old. Come join today (Please note if you have adult content in your website in the field above.)
  12. Rey619


    does anyone know how to implement a Favicon on XF2
  13. Rey619

    Expired On/Off Icons

    Can someone make me on/off icOns aka new post no new posts I want it to say swc and match my forums colors. Paying 100FP www.SWCNetwork.Com
  14. Rey619

    Expired Favicon

    Can someone make me a Favicon for my forum www.SWCNetwork.Com I’ll pay 50-75 FP
  15. Rey619

    Completed Ruby package for SWC

    Site URL: Package:ruby Total posts on your forum:8200 Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) as long as you are not a active member on my forum you can do the package Area Preferences: (Any preference on which areas on your forum you would like...
  16. Rey619

    Google Ad Sense advice

    So I’m trying to get Google sad sense approved for my forum. I received this email this morning can anyone tell me what to do? I never had a problem getting approved for google ad sense in the past I was on different software before not that I think that matters but any help is greatly appreciated
  17. Rey619

    Expired Requesting Banner for New theme

    I have just unveiled my new theme for my forum and I need a banner to go with it. I want the Banner to Be Red and black SWC Network Across it and if possible can I have 2 people fit on the banner. I can pay FP. Thanks
  18. Rey619

    Happy hour

    I run a forum on xeneforo and I was curious if there was an add on for that you know when happy hour is and when you post it like double or something
  19. Rey619

    Post on my forum in exchange for FP

    If you post on my forum and stay active I will pay u FP cash
  20. Rey619

    4 months old and 6000 Posts

    SWC now has 6000 Posts in 4 months Join today @