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  1. Rickeo

    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    UFO REPORT Forum Registration Link: HERE About Us UFO REPORT is a community for UFO enthusiasts to come together and discuss any and all topics related to ufology, space, aliens, ET's and UFOs. My Forum Username: Rickeo Exchange Details: We can either do a forum post exchange or a blog...
  2. Rickeo

    Looking For Posters on UFO REPORT - UFO / Alien Based Forum

    Hi all, I am looking for posters on my forums. I am paying $FP 4 per post UFO REPORT URL TO SIGNUP TO FORUM: RULES: Limited to 10 posts per user per day must be of an acceptable quality and not two or three word replies, no forum games...
  3. Rickeo

    Completed Advice For All | Mental Health & Emotional Support Forums

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Package Total posts on your forum: 458 Packager Preferences: None Area Preferences: No, Just please avoid the forum games section Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Extra Notes: Please upload an avatar if you can :) thank you.
  4. Rickeo

    Postloop Is So Bad

    So I signed up to Postloop and started using them. I was a member several years ago before it closed and re-opened, it wasn't so bad back then. Now, however, it seems really low quality and poor. I even changed my website to only accept people rated 5 stars and above, that's just 11% of the...
  5. Rickeo

    £10 PayPal or Bitcoin Cash Giveaway

    Hi guys, I'm running a giveaway that's apart of my website. It takes seconds to enter, helps support a good cause and could land you £10 via PayPal or Bitcoin just before Christmas. For more details, information and how to enter see here.
  6. Rickeo

    Post Exchange On My Forum Advice For All

    Hi, I run a Mental Health & Peer to Peer Emotional Support Blog & Forum called Advice For All. I'd be willing to do some post exchanges, say on a 5 post per time basis. The only rule of thumb I'd request, no posting in the forum games section. I'd also be willing to comply with any...
  7. Rickeo

    Advice For All | Mental Health & Emotional Support Forum

    Site Name: Advice For All URL: Type: Forum & Blog Site Info: Advice For All is a peer to peer emotional support, mental health and pro-recovery community. Offering advice, help and support to people of all ages, from all walks of life.
  8. Rickeo

    Win £10 PayPal - Forum Posting Competition

    Hi guys there's a new competition on my forum, details of which can be found here. I'll be running a competition every single month. This month is a £10 giveaway to a member on the forums. You have to be in it to win it. Good luck!
  9. Rickeo

    Never Fear Rickeo is Here

    Hi guys :) My names Rick. Pleasure to be here. I hope to contribute to this community as well as get some tips, information and marketing advice for my own forum PoliticsBB which I've just started. Hopefully I can get some great advice on growing my new forum from experienced webmasters. I...