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    Due to Police training and family member care, I am running short on time to manage an active forum, What's included: Domain name pushed to your account. Forum database. (latest version of IPS) Access to main administrator account. The forum uses paid addons and modifications...
  2. ChrisGrigg - Get Paid To Forum is a newer paid to post forum that holds discussions about real-world stocks, cryptocurrency, money-making methods, webmaster, and overall business. We also hold more non-formal conversations that relate to Gaming, PC Building, and other general discussions. Members who verify get...
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    Thank you.
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    ✔️ Completed vs

    Forum: Url: Category: Financial / Money Making / Paid to Post
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    Moderator Position Available

    I am looking for a moderator for a paid to post forum. The forum was just created on 01/25/2021 and opened a few days later. We currently sit at 73 members and 145 posts. The forum consists of money-making tactics and cryptocurrency along with everything to do with Wallstreet. If you are...
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    I've been quite the busy bee with getting things together for the wedding and now it has finally happened! 10/17/20. Once we get the over 600 photos back, I will show everyone all the photos!
  7. ChrisGrigg

    cPanel price increase...again!

    Is cPanel truly trying to push away all of their customers? This comes quickly after their other tremendous price hike which cost hosting companies thousands of dollars more a year.
  8. ChrisGrigg

    Info Server Migration

    Dear Users, USHost247 will begin migrating from older servers to newer, higher capacity servers. Servers are currently being configured and setup to get ready for the migration of accounts. We will release a new announcement with the updated information for those running custom nameservers. For...
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    Give me presents

    Todays my birthday! :P Another year older... 28
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    100 FP to test our support

    USHost247 is still in the training phases for live chat and phone support. I am willing to send you 100FP just for simply testing out live chat support option and asking questions in regard to USHost247. By doing so, we will be using your chats for training purposes to build additional...
  11. ChrisGrigg

    USHost247 extends support options! has signed the contracts to extend our support! We are currently in the process of training new specialists on livechat and phone support. Support tickets with 1 hour response average is good, but we are now ending 2019 and entering 2020 and we understand that every minute of...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! spend time with your family and cherish every moment of it. Tell someone you love them today, you never know when it will be the last time.
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    RIPE NCC Out of IPv4 We knew this day was long coming, and it has now arrived.
  14. ChrisGrigg

    If you could delete one thing...

    If you could delete one thing out of this world, what would it be and why?
  15. ChrisGrigg

    [Serious] What is expected to say back?

    So a family member of mine just got out of a mental facility. Honestly speaking... An individual that tells you they are depressed and suicidal. What is expected to be said to them? I have a hard time finding the words to say back during these conversations and I am reaching out to see what...
  16. ChrisGrigg

    One thing in life...

    What is one thing in life that you did not expect about getting older?
  17. ChrisGrigg

    What is surprisingly still legal in 2019?

    What do you believe is surprisingly still legal in 2019?
  18. ChrisGrigg

    Reddit Advertisements?

    Has anyone attempted to use the Reddit paid advertisements? If you have, what are your statistics relating to your ad and was it worth your investment?
  19. ChrisGrigg

    Your $8.99 Netflix subscription is more than their taxes

    Sanders: 'Your $8.99 Netflix subscription is more than the company paid in federal income taxes' According to Netflix's 10-K form, the company paid $133,146,000 in foreign taxes...