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  1. Malcolm

    Maintenance Break - April 7th, 2021 (COMPLETED)

    Maintenance Break Scheduled: Hello Forum Promotion, The community and all services within will be temporarily out of service following routine maintenance, upgrades and implementation of tools. Forum Promotion is expected to be down for 3 hours. The maintenance will occur at 11:59 PM EST /...
  2. Malcolm

    First Coding Challenge of 2021! Extended to March 26!

    The colourful introduction! Hey Forum Promotion! Code Forum would like to welcome you to our first coding challenge of the yea! The first challenge of the year will be called "Colour Introduction"! Coders are tasked with creating a simple colourful introduction using any language - but... the...
  3. Malcolm

    Solved Regarding downtime

    Status: Running. Duration: 10 hours. Reason: Update issue with addon.
  4. Malcolm

    Info Maintenance Break - March 11, 2021 (COMPLETE)

    Maintenance Break Scheduled: Hello Forum Promotion, The community and all services within will be temporarily out of service following routine maintenance. Forum Promotion is expected to be down for 30mins to an hour. The maintenance will occur at 12AM EST / 11AM CST/ 9AM PT / 5PM GMT...
  5. Malcolm

    We now have 1,000 coders on Code Forum!

    Hi FP! I am very excited to announce that Code Forum now has 1k registered coders on Code Forum! Edit: Here's our official announcement posting
  6. Malcolm

    Solved Email delivery issues

    Email delivery problems Hi Forum Promotion, It’s me Malcolm, the Forum Promotion technical administrator. I understand that their seems to be an email delivery problem. I can completely understand how inconvenient this may be. But rest assured we are currently working to resolve the issue. I...
  7. Malcolm

    Info Back by popular demand, dark mode!

    Dark style is back! Hello Forum Promotion, I am pleased to announce on behalf of the Forum Promotion team, we now have dark mode once again! We had originally lost the dark mode due to the upgrade to XenForo 2.2, but now it's back! It looks very good! So check it out! I appreciate all the...
  8. Malcolm

    Small change! :D New Moderator group name

    I don't know why but I recently changed our moderator team from Community Engagement to Guardians and absolutely love it!
  9. Malcolm

    We stylin' (Code Forum now has both a light/dark style)

    We stylin' After plenty of feedback, we have finally implemented both a light and dark style for our community to choose from! Nice huh!?!
  10. Malcolm

    Code Forum's IDE had a facelift!

    Hello, FP and fellow coders! I'm really excited to share some exciting news, a coder/member of ours who is the developer of Judge0 has given our IDE a facelift. I wanted to share it with you! You can see the IDE (integrated development environment) by going to:
  11. Malcolm

    Info Site Updates (log)

    Howdy, FP! This thread is to share any recent updates, changes and or improvements made by Forum Promotions Technicians. You will find information on when we update software, make changes, add new features etc. Please keep in mind everything posted here is work we've completed. We will not...
  12. Malcolm

    Info Style Touch ups

    Hello, everyone. I'm going to be doing a lot of work around Forum Promotion these next couple of weeks - however, I want to get what we currently have all patched up before we move onto something else.. with that said. I'm calling everyone (if they wish to help out) to point out styling issues...
  13. Malcolm

    First time posting job positions on Code Forum!

    As the title says, I have posted job postings for the first time on Indeed and Facebook jobs, already have a few applications! :)
  14. Malcolm

    Info Server Update (Complete) 2020-08-31 for 2020-09-01

    Hello Forum Promotion, Your friendly neighbourhood spidy-technician has been doing some work on updating our server. I have updated the server however needs to restart to complete the update. This will be down at ... just head to this link to see the countdown...
  15. Malcolm

    Small Post Exchange 5 for 5

    Hello guys! Is anyone interested in doing a post exchange with Code Forum? Reply with your username and your site. Politely remind me if I didn't fulfill my end.
  16. Malcolm

    Code Forum = 500 registered coders!

    Code Forum reaches 500 registered members 🎉
  17. Malcolm

    Info Regarding Downtime

    Hello FP, This thread is in regards to our recent downtime. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. It appears to be an issue with Forum Promotion's WordPress side of things. A plugin became defective I have now disabled the plugin and we are back up and running. I have...
  18. Malcolm

    Info Maintenance Completed for July 17, 2020.

    Hello Forum Promotion. This is just a notice that I have completed maintenance that was scheduled for July 17, 2020. Duration: 00:30:00 Reason: Updated add-ons, and performed server updates.
  19. Malcolm

    Code Forum soars to new heights with 400 registered members

    Hello FP, I wanted to share Code Forum's recent achievement of reaching 400 registered members! Stats: Threads 725 Messages 5,687 Members 402
  20. Malcolm

    Free Code Forum is looking for staff!

    Hello, Coders! Status: OPEN. Code Forum has recently surpassed 500+ registered members and is looking for talented individuals to join our staff team to help shape our community. We are at a stage in our growth that we need to expand our staff team. With the expansion of our staff team, we plan...