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  1. Jordan

    A new admin, you say?

    Congrats @Lämmchen !
  2. Jordan

    Appreciation to ChrisGrigg

    Not sure if your main website is hosted on the same servers you use for your clients. Would highly suggest hosting it elsewhere (Such as a small VPS from another company you currently have your dedicated servers from) that way if anything ever happens to the hosting server, your main website is...
  3. Jordan

    Appreciation to ChrisGrigg

    Glad things are working out. I was concerned for you. Saw the threads going on over at WHT regarding your host. Hope everything is good now!
  4. Jordan

    How do you feel about the new cPanel pricing structure?

    Just got even worst today. Just got an email from WHMCS saying pricing changes. Seeing as WHMCS and cPanel got bought out, and cPanel did more price hikes, it was bound to happen to WHMCS too. New WHMCS pricing: 1k clients $45/mo 2.5k clients $100/mo 5k clients $175/mo 10k clients $300/mo 50k...
  5. Jordan

    Solved Donating FP points

    Yea, I gave Empire over 300k $FP. Just give him more ;)
  6. Jordan

    Swefty $0.01 | SSD | 99.9% Uptime | Free Domain | Daily Backups

    Hard to believe we still here :laughing: Albeit, we've had a rebrand last year :p
  7. Jordan

    Selling Forum Promotion

    Only to let them expire because I forgot about them? LOL I still buy domains and stuff. I have a few listed at BrandBucket.
  8. Jordan

    Selling Forum Promotion

    If I had a million dollars I would be on a nice hot beach right now, not stuck in northern Ontario Canada with it's snowy lockdowns :P
  9. Jordan

    Selling Forum Promotion

    Jesus. And almost at it's peak doing 1,000 posts a day too
  10. Jordan

    @Martee your still alive? :O

    @Martee your still alive? :O
  11. Jordan

    It's been awhile since i been on here. How is everyone?

    It's been awhile since i been on here. How is everyone?
  12. Jordan

    Paid - $ Unique Social Gaming Platform Hiring

    Hey everyone, Just updating this thread to inform people that we are especially looking for writers. Take a look at the OP for other positions available.
  13. Jordan

    Not going to lie, I forgot about WebWide. Looks like a great forum. Will log in again :)

    Not going to lie, I forgot about WebWide. Looks like a great forum. Will log in again :)
  14. Jordan

    Easily Earn 850+ $FP

    I've sent you it. Got $3,000 left.
  15. Jordan

    Easily Earn 850+ $FP

    $FP Sent
  16. Jordan

    Domain Name SaaS

    This project is still in the works. A good majority of it is complete. Still looking for features and ideas if anyone has any.
  17. Jordan

    Easily Earn 850+ $FP

    Gave away all of my $FP. But willing to still do this until my $FP runs out :)
  18. Jordan

    Question Tapatalk Friendly

    Tapatalk is trash. That is all.
  19. Jordan

    MYBB Carbon Blue Theme

    And XenForo: https://xenfocus.com/styles/carbon/ Does the Author of these styles know you ripped the theme for a mybb style?
  20. Jordan

    Selling Host-Hunters

    Is there still revenue from the ads?