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  1. Icetex

    Solved Real Name usage

    Even tho i went and did beforehand does this adveristing forum have a policy preventing the usage of your real name? Business-wise I have used my real name on a lot of things I know a certain forum where this was prohibited
  2. Icetex

    Dalton Smothers II DeviantArt

    Site Name: Dalton Smothers II DevianArt URL: Type: Website Site Info: Welcome to Dalton Smothers II DeviantArt Page The Home of The Imagination Universe and Vexin Press Stories INFOMATION: I'm mainly a hobby Traditionalist Artist (pencil & paper) this will...
  3. Icetex

    Where to post advertise my deviant art page?

    Idk where that's problem My page on deviant art is mixed varied I have both art and writing and if you count my journals varied reviews tl;dr: Where do i post to advertise my page specifically on deviant art?
  4. Icetex

    Ice Lord Icetex is here

    hi I'm Ice Lord Icetex Zexen or just call me Icetex or Ice I'm 26yr, Artist, Video Gamer, Writer I'm a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic also i have my own page on Deviant art i consider "my website"