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  1. Hacked

    Forums I wanted to work/Want to Work For

    Over years I have been foruming which is now I am now on my 6th year I started foruming back 2015 Its was part on RP on Habbo Hotel where I first started or learnt what a forum was after that this was after I left Habbo Hotel I found about another forum which shall not be named I was trolled on...
  2. Hacked

    Helping users sometimes get rude replies

    Sometimes when you help users for anything online do you get some rude replies What do you do in such a situation? I would normally just ignore them.
  3. Hacked


    Hi I looking for logo for my upcoming Forum called ForumTechMasters I want a logo similar to the old FP Logo Blue and my motto is Mastering your tech knowledge.
  4. Hacked

    Suggestion FP Charity this month to Australia WildFire

    Could this month have charity for Australia WildFire we could donate some FP$ to it can converted to some $$$ all goes towards Australia WildFire.
  5. Hacked

    Completed YouTube Channel Logo needed

    Hi So I need a YouTube Channel Logo needed for channel name ReelTech I want my logo something robotic like background blue
  6. Hacked

    Too many Webmaster Forums

    Idk if this topic is posted on here or not but anyways I see a lot of webmaster forums on these days as a niche I feel its pretty good one for advertising and business entrepreneurs. But I tend to see a lot of them more nowadays 2019-2020 then back in 2016 when I first started using FP and being...
  7. Hacked

    Question Review Team Reopened?

    Hi so I was just wondering if the Review Team are going to be reopened this year on FP or anytime soon and if they are looking for any more team members to join its team.
  8. Hacked

    Found this website Might be useful

    Hi KG here so I found this website on YouTube This guy explains everything on how to make a professional website and how to grow your forum or website as well he offers tips on tricks to help you grow you can even hire a pro designer for your website
  9. Hacked

    Ask King Of all Gamers

    Hi FP, I am back from my break from FP and I decided to do an ask my thread ask me any question appropriate of course and I will answer them. Thank you!
  10. Hacked

    Custom Awards Needed

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for someone to create me some custom Awards. Awards- VIP member Member of the month Graphic Artist Award Former Staff Member Staff Member of the Year Staff Member of the Month
  11. Hacked

    Back again FP

    Hello I am back again on FP. my old username on FP was Mr Prince or hacked lol I decided to rejoin FP as I missed this place.