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  1. Jordan

    Domain Name SaaS

    I'm looking to start up a software as a service (SaaS) type of business that is targeted at people who buy and sell domain names. Right now, I'm looking at the current providers of marketplaces where people are able to list and sell their domains. They take HUGE commissions. Sometimes up to even...
  2. Jordan

    Quality Post Exchange

    Hello everyone. In an attempt to get my forums more active and going, I'll be doing some post exchanges. However, you are free to post anywhere on the site. Not just the forums. (comment on videos, blog posts, etc) To keep things simple, I will do a 1:1 ratio. My posting quality is rated a...
  3. Jordan


    I propose we rename the VIP Forum to "The Graveyard" Every forum I ever been to has creative names for their "VIP" section besides FP. I usually call mine "Area 52" This is a legit suggestion. Would be ironic to have this place called "The Graveyard". It totally fits :hilarious:
  4. Jordan

    Effective use of Google Ads

    I've been using Google Ads for some time for a lot of my websites with some sites showing positive reception, well others not so much. I decided to set up a couple campaigns for my Hive Gamurs website and pretty sure I f*cked up somewhere :rolleyes: With these campaigns, I am targeting certain...
  5. Jordan

    Jordan's $FP Marketplace!

    With the abundance of $FP lurking around Forum Promotion, I have decided to open up a personal $FP marketplace where users can spend their $FP on unofficial services from one of Forum Promotions most trusted trader :) Looking to EARN $FP instead of spending? Check out this thread of mine...
  6. Jordan

    Easily Earn 850+ $FP

    Hi guys! I am giving away some $FP to some users who are interested in doing some tasks for me. Find Gaming Deals: 100 $FP Per Submission (Limit 2 deals per person per week) Head on over to our deals page and click "Submit Deal". All deals are screened and approved before going live. Deals...
  7. Jordan

    Do Follow Links

    Back when the new sponsorship program was released, it gave do follow links to premium users. Is this no longer a thing?
  8. Jordan

    Completed Hive Gamurs

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 3,504 Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) Area Preferences: Literally post anywhere you want. Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Negative Extra Notes: Stay cool
  9. Jordan

    WTB Buying XenForo Licenses

    Like.. a lot of them... If you have one, let me know! (Needs to be transferable!)
  10. Jordan

    Paid - $ Unique Social Gaming Platform Hiring

    Hive Gamurs is currently looking for people who are passionate about all things video games. Content Moderators - Closed / $Paid You will become part of the forum staff team. You will take part in making sure our forums are clean and kept free of spam. You will be required to maintain an active...
  11. Jordan

    Join The #1 Online Internet Radio Station

    Do you live and breathe music? You may be in luck! We are looking for several people who are passionate about music and artists and would love to become apart of the industry. We have several roles that are opening up in our licensed online internet radio station. These roles include but are...
  12. Jordan

    Acquisition of Hive Gamurs

    Hey everyone :) Recently Ash posted a thread in the marketplace looking to sell off his Hive Gamurs website or shut it down. Luckily, shutting it down is not an option no longer as I have made the acquisition of Hive Gamurs! You can read the full announcement over on the forums...
  13. Jordan

    Game Shop v2.1 Released

    Well, I finally released version 2.1 of our game shop that allows users to get free games from participating in our community. Here is the rundown of new features: Dedicated Game Pages Better Sales System Launcher/DRM Info Community Integration Steam Integration Mystery Game Changes You can...
  14. Jordan

    Hive Gamurs | Social Gaming Platform

    "A community for gamers created by gamers" URL: Hive Gamurs offers a social platform for professional and casual gamers around the world. We help you discover the latest gaming news, updates and guides whilst allowing you to interact and connect with other gamers...
  15. Jordan

    Win an SNES Mini + Steam Games!

    One of our fellow rebels, Scotty is hosting another story competition for our community! There are prizes to be won, and fun to be had! This is Scotty's 7th time hosting a story competition for our community. The idea behind this is to get some creative thinking from our users in writing up...
  16. Jordan

    Paid/Free Hiring Staff on Unique Gaming Community

    Do you live and breathe games? You may be in luck! We are looking for several people who are passionate about gaming and love to both play and discuss the topic. We have several roles that are opening up. These roles include but are not limited to: Back-end Developer - Open $Paid Looking for...
  17. Jordan

    Completed Ehhhh

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Packager Preferences: none Area Preferences: Any category inside the "Gaming Section" Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Extra Notes: If you are creating an account, be sure to upload both an avatar and a cover photo for your profile!
  18. Jordan

    Game Shop V2 Finally Launched!

    After 3 months of custom development, I have now launched the insanely unique game shop on our gaming community! Basically the shop allows our users to get free steam games by earning points we call "Rebellions". You earn these points by participating in the community in various ways. You then...
  19. Jordan

    70,000 Posts @ GameRebels - 10k Posts in 1 month

    It was less than a month ago when I posted that Game Rebels reached the 60k milestone! Now, yesterday on the 16th of July, we have passed 70,000 posts. It's another great achievement because this means our members created more than 10,000 posts in less than a month! With statistics telling me...
  20. Jordan

    [SELLING] Banner & Text Advertising Unique Gaming Community

    We here at Game Rebels strongly believe in the best user experience as possible. However, advertisements are needed to keep this community running! We make a good effort to only serve our users non-intrusive or invasive advertising. This is a big reason why Game Rebels advertising has proven to...