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  1. John

    Suggestion Reset FP Cash

    Nahhhh. Resetting FP$ won't do much. Most of our cash is stale in the economy anyway. A better idea is to have better things to spend FP$ on. Aside packages, you can't really buy much at all. There's no reason to spend it so it just hordes on a lot of older members. I have no idea what I would...
  2. John

    Staff Promotions Thread

    The Smurf is back. :cool:
  3. John

    10 Years in the future

    Own FP
  4. John

    Completed DestroyRepeat vs. (Alien Babble)

    Voted #AlienBabbleArmy
  5. John

    It's going, haha. How have you been? :)

    It's going, haha. How have you been? :)
  6. John

    Leaving staff? Wait, what?

    I'm sorry to hear that Joshua. You were always committed to FP in an exemplary way through your dedication. You stuck with FP through many questionable times and without you, I'm fairly certain FP would've died long ago.
  7. John

    Holding Grudges online?

    That @Cammeh guy banned me a while back. It still annoys me.
  8. John

    Appeals of staff actions?

    This looks like a great place to appeal my ForumPromotion account ban. I'm Arch. Unban me.
  9. John

    Ownership and New Staff Changes Updates

    bro I read this and was like "cam sold the fucking forum already?"
  10. John

    what is a 'temp packager'? o_O

    what is a 'temp packager'? o_O
  11. John

    Solved Why threads' covers need moderation approval?

    bro what's an RA
  12. John

    Solved Why threads' covers need moderation approval?

    I can do that here, with no admin approval
  13. John

    I'm okay haha. How are you?

    I'm okay haha. How are you?
  14. John

    Retired Administrators

    Miss you Mike :heart:
  15. John

    Do you create "alt" or fake member accounts on your own site?

    I remember those days. :P If you're broke and 12 years old it's a good idea. If you have $5 going through that much trouble to spam the hell out of your forum is just a waste of your time.
  16. John

    What’s New on FP?

    How many times in the past month have you listened to OTR?
  17. John


    Yeah, mine is yellow/black and says "Premium" on it. It's a great conversation starter.
  18. John

    Solved Random Database Error

    Yeah, I'm getting it too.
  19. John

    Solved Introduce the Development Team

    More than anything, I agree with this. FP's primary focus should be on the community now. I was staff during two different software changes: It helps build basic interest in the community, but is not a longterm fix by any means. If done right, it can be a band-aid; and that's best case scenario...
  20. John

    FP Staff | Not on the Same Page?

    We have tried to be part of that change. Read CM from like 2 months ago man. All I'm saying (and I'm sure Matthew would say the same thing) is that instead of focusing on making changes that will help keep existing members here, or even recruiting new members, yall seem more interested in making...