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  1. Moonface

    zIFBoards/ZetaBoards Now Part of Tapatalk

    ZetaBoards & Tapatalk Announcement | zIFBoards & Tapatalk Announcement As you can tell from the thread title and respective announcements, zIFBoards and ZetaBoards are now part of Tapatalk. What do you guys think about this development? :) Personally, I'm intrigued by this. It's no secret...
  2. Moonface

    Universal Gaming

    Let's Explore Video-Games, Together With over a decade's worth of continuous game discussion under our belt, Universal Gaming was Zetaboards' longest running video-gaming forum until we restarted on self hosting. During our time we've strived to offer both a strong sense of community and an...
  3. Moonface

    Universal Gaming is 8 Years Old!

    Hi everyone! Just checking in to share with you that Universal Gaming is 8 years old today! As if our Halloween Birthday Bash 2014 wasn't enough to celebrate, we've also now launched a Facebook page to compliment our existing Twitter, which we hope will help us reach out to more people and grow...
  4. Moonface

    Universal Gaming's Halloween Birthday Bash 2014

    Win Cash Prizes in Universal Gaming's Halloween Birthday Bash 2014! Hi everyone! It's October, which in past years has signalled the start of our Halloween Month event. However it's also the month that will mark Universal Gaming's 8th anniversary, and so this year for the first time ever we've...
  5. Moonface

    60,000 Posts At Universal Gaming!

    Universal Gaming has just hit 60,000 total posts! It's a huge milestone for us, especially considering our size compared to other forums who have hit that number before, so we're all really happy and proud of our accomplishment. :D
  6. Moonface

    Most Anticipated 2014 Video-Games

    What games are you looking forward to that are scheduled for a release this year? Also, what games are you looking forward to seeing more of this year that may not be releasing this year? For game releases so far the only thing I'm anticipating is The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC that's...
  7. Moonface

    Ask The Moon =3

    **Optional Information** Username: Moonface Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: England Family: Brother (2 years older than me), mum, dad Favourite foods & drinks: Pepsi (I'll settle for Coke though if Pepsi isn't an option). Crisps (chips if you're American), candy, chocolate, cookies, pizza...I eat...
  8. Moonface

    The Moon Is Here =3

    Hi everyone. I'm not great with introductions, but for anyone who frequents Zathyus Networks you may quickly recognise me as Moonface from the official support forums where I'm a support team member. Can't lie, the size of this place feels a bit daunting but hopefully I can settle in here and...