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    WV Music Legend Bill Withers Dies Aged 81

    NPR Music: Bill Withers, Singer-Songwriter Of 'Ain't No Sunshine,' Has Died At Age 81
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    Elite Eight Battle #57: Chatting Time vs. (North Division)

    Voted; best of luck to both entrants.
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    Apps & Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Privacy

    The Guardian: Apps and coronavirus - what you need to know about protecting your privacy
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    Conversations II

    Thank you, thank you.... :)
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    Out of toilet paper?

    Unfortunately at least one paper did...quoting CNN,
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    A list of all the sandwiches that are better with pickles

    *continues* And relish, Elli; don't forget relish for burgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken & tuns sandwiches, etc.etc.,....
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    A list of all the sandwiches that are better with pickles

    Hamburgers w/pickles and fried onions....
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    Out of toilet paper?

    I could be wrong but I know I read somewhere than Australian papers printed extra empty can imagine the reason why.
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    Out of toilet paper?

    Exactly; hence, our comments above.
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    How many posts does your forum have?

    Total Posts: 52,189
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    I’m back again

    Don't remember you offhand but anyway, welcome back!
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    Hello friends

    Welcome aboard FP, ma'am.
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    Out of toilet paper?

    And that's the other point, Carlos. Yes, this is spreading faster than we think it is but to borrow the old saying, "Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance." Doesn't mean you become a prepper or anything like that but it doesn't take a ton of effort to prepare and keeping a keen, calm...
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    Out of toilet paper?

    At the moment, good here in Western NC. I've said this on numerous boards and I'll repeat it here: treat this as you would any natural disaster or major disaster event - practice basic barrier hygiene, prepare supplies as if you were staring down a hurricane (min 4 days on hand) and don't let...