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  1. xXInfectedXx


    I feel like there are to many suggestions that have been made in the CM section which have not been solved. Going to be honest, as a member I see that the Admins aren't listening to users but instead deciding for themselves So what's the point of Community Matters? There are now over 20...
  2. xXInfectedXx

    Poliwager Forums Turns 10!

    Congratulations for the anniversary!
  3. xXInfectedXx

    CodeForum has a new logo!

    Congratulations for installing a new forum logo! It's a great addition to your community.
  4. xXInfectedXx

    $1 Shared & Reseller cPanel Hosting for 1 YEAR!

    A fantastic deal, I suggest you all take advantage of this offer. I'll check it out later. Thank you.
  5. xXInfectedXx

    Storm Developers New Theme (Any Ideas On Theme Name?)

    Congratulations for installing a new forum style!
  6. xXInfectedXx

    Weboogle - Launch

    Congratulations on the launch. Just out of interest, why have you created so many websites? Why don't you just focus on the one?
  7. xXInfectedXx

    TheMathHelp with New Look

    A beautiful looking forum style. Congratulations for the new themel
  8. xXInfectedXx

    New Look for Fun Biz Forum

    Congratulations for the new forum look!
  9. xXInfectedXx

    CodeForum hits 50 members registered!

    Congratulations for your first milestone. You have a great forum and wish you all the best.
  10. xXInfectedXx

    Nucleus hit 4,000 posts!

    Congratulations for achieving 4,000 forum posts! Keep the good work up.
  11. xXInfectedXx

    Rate Your Package

    Member(s) That Completed Your Package: Jerlene, Kaynil and Shole What Did You Like About Your Package?: Everything, just like always. You've all done a superb job. Great quality forum posts. How Can We Improve?: Keep it up! Package Rating: (1-10) 10...
  12. xXInfectedXx

    JoyFreak.com Issues

    Your site load time is a lot faster. Thank you and good luck with your forum! Treat updates.
  13. xXInfectedXx

    Chatting Time now on Proboards

    Good luck with this!
  14. xXInfectedXx

    3,093 FB Likes for TheDrumLesson

    Nice work! Congratulations for reaching 3,000 Facebook likes.
  15. xXInfectedXx

    50,000 Posts on Poliwager Forums!

    Congratulations for achieving 50,000 forum posts!
  16. xXInfectedXx

    How to promote your website

    Welcome Allen
  17. xXInfectedXx


    Hey there! Welcome to FP!
  18. xXInfectedXx

    Polling plaza

    I don't understand, could you explain please?
  19. xXInfectedXx

    New here

    Welcome to FP!