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  1. simonweb

    In Progress Webmasters Meet

    I have no posting requirements or such, you can post in any forum you'd like. :)
  2. simonweb

    Please review my new forum

    I think I've finally settled for a design for my new forum, and I would love to hear your feedback on it. Please check it out and let me know if I could improve or change anything. Thank you! :)
  3. simonweb

    Exchange posts with my forums

    I want to do small post exchanges with anyone interested. You can find my forums in my signature below and you can choose which site you want to exchange posts with. I'm interested in doing a small post exchange, like 5 or 10 posts. Please ask here before starting any post exchange because I...
  4. simonweb

    Restart an old forum or create a brand new?

    I have an old forum, like really old, that was created in 2008 and have been closed since 2017. The forum is about a pretty niche topic and back in the days it was a fairly popular community. Now I am considering getting a similar community going again and I was wondering if I could (or rather...
  5. simonweb

    Working on a new IPB 4.5 theme - feedback welcomed!

    Version 4.5 of IPB is coming soon and I'm working on a new white, simple, and responsive theme for it. Check out the screenshot below. Admins should be able to change most, if not all, colours in the ACP. The theme is not mobile-ready yet, but I am looking for some feedback. :)
  6. simonweb

    IPB 4.5

    What are your thoughts on the new version 4.5 of IPB that is set to be released "soon"? I'm really looking forward to the new and improved ACP, the new topic view summary, and the updates being made to the forum view, as well as the new statistics for admins. I also hope they will improve the...
  7. simonweb

    I'm working on a new theme - looking for feedback

    I'm working on a theme for my new forum and I would love to hear your feedback on it. The forum is located here: A Green Life Today And this is how the header looks for signed in members:
  8. simonweb

    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 released

    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 has been released today! You can find and download the new version in your Client Area. It will appear in your ACP for automatic download and installation soon. Check out all the new updates and improvements that version 4.4 brings here...
  9. simonweb

    New landing page and dashboard

    I've made a new landing page for guests and a new dashboard for my members. Please let me know what you think about it and what could be improved and so on. Thanks! You can see the new landing page here And here is a screenshot of the new dashboard page which will work as...
  10. simonweb

    Do you hide or restrict access to content for guests?

    Do you hide content or restrict access to parts of your website for unregistered users visiting your community? If you are: what kind of content are you hiding for guests? And if you don't: why not? Couldn't it be a good way to entice guests to become members?
  11. simonweb

    Ad-blockers - what should we do about them?

    Let's have a discussion about ad-blockers and how our websites and communities can survive in a world where more and more people use tools to block advertisements. Surveys and data shows that a large portion of internet users are actively blocking online advertisements. For example: according...
  12. simonweb

    How to restart an old and dead forum?

    I have an old blog with a decent sized community attached to it (about 4000 members). But the website and community have been dead for about three years, new registrations have been closed and the blog hasn't had any activity since 2015. But I am now interested in trying to restart the...
  13. simonweb

    Force SSL/https on phpBB 3.2.2?

    I am trying to use SSL and https on my phpBB 3.2.2 installation, but somehow it isn't working. Please help! It doesn't matter if I use "force server URL settings" in the ACP (Server settings), it will still re-direct visitors to the normal and unsecure http connection unless they manually...
  14. simonweb

    New phpBB forum - mods and theme?

    I'm planning to start a new forum and I will be using phpBB as I am unsure how popular the forum niche will be, and as such I don't want to spend money acquiring an expensive license this early. But it's been several years since I used phpBB and I could use some help. Which phpbb version should...
  15. simonweb

    Good web tracker or analytics service?

    Which web tracker or analytics service do you use to track your website visitors? I'm currently using Google Analytics but I am looking for alternatives.
  16. simonweb

    How are you preparing your forum for GDPR?

    What are you guys doing to ensure that you are ready for the new EU data protection laws that will be introduced on the 25th of May this year? As forum and community administrators, I feel like we need to have a discussion on how we can best ensure compliance with GDPR. Any thoughts?
  17. simonweb

    Stay away from Invision Power Services and their products – it's a shady and greedy company

    Update 3/1-18: See this post Okay, this is going to be a long rant about Invision Community, aslo known as IPS or Invision Power Services, Inc. and Invision Power Board (IPB). If you don't want to read it all, the tl;dr is that Invision Power Services is a shady and greedy company that you...
  18. simonweb

    Check out my reaction emojis for IPB

    I am doing some emojis that I plan on use as reactions on my IPB community. It's the first time I try to design emojis, so I could use some feedback. :p Don't be fooled by the screenshot, they will be 120x120 pixels in size once finished.
  19. simonweb

    Looking for a small post exchange 5/5

    I am interested in doing a small post exchange (like 3/3 or 5/5). I am doing this exchange in an effort to find bugs and to test my new community before it goes "live". So you need to be OK with my community not having much content at the moment. My community is located here! As you can see it...
  20. simonweb

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! My name is Simon and I live in beautiful Sweden. I've been working with websites and forums for several years now. In the past I did it more professionally, now it's more of a fun hobby for me. I decided to join this community because I am working on a new online community and...