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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

  2. Cumulus

    Not me

    Sleepy Joe😶
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    Hello ForumPromotion

    Sorry to hear about the spam PM - we are working hard to prevent such things happening again from spam bots. Nevertheless, a very warm welcome to FP :D
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    Served is now deployed ☄️

    Do you have a demo or some screenshots you could share of the service? Which I can compare to the likes of Google Analytics and other platforms. Would be useful to see it in action without signing up :)
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    [OzzModz] Badges

    You just need to verify your XF License in the account settings page to get access :)
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    Staff Promotions Thread

    Woo! Congrats @Kokushibo and welcome to the PT :)
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    Escape Room?

    I've not done one before but they look awesome - might have to go and book one now!
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    500 Threads today!

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    Should the TV License be abolished?

    It should definitely be scrapped. For those in the US, we have to pay a set fee per year if we own a TV for watching live programs. It's used to fund our national media channel, the BBC, and the money doesn't go to any of the other channels.
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    Forum Promotion Survey

    Kathy is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet - All responses are safe in her hands. Thanks to all those who've sent things in already :)
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    Forum Promotion Survey

    It's just a form submission that does not require you to be logged in and is ran on the WordPress side of the site, not Xenforo (the forum) so your forum account will in no way be linked to your results. Additionally, no information (such as cache, IP or device/browser type) is collected on...
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    Forum Promotion Survey

    Please do take some time to fill this out! :)
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    The Package Team is Hiring!

    To apply for a role at FP, you need to meet all the requirements stated on the OP, and then fill out the template and send to the relevant Manager/Team Leader. In this instance that is @Gio.
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    I Hate Fireworks

    I love Fireworks :( I like that over here in the UK though they're limited to very specific days such as New Year's, Firework's Night and religious festivals.
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    Selling Article Services

    You know this is hugely inflated right? The average pay per word is 1-3pence in the UK (Forbes, Daily Telegraph etc.)
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    Community Chat on Discord June 27 at 2PM ET

    2pm Eastern is 6pm UTC and 7pm BST/current UK time.
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    Solved Outdated Links/Help pages

    As @Malcolm said, and I've told you before, I am already redrafting these pages and they'll be live with other works in progress.
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    Staff Promotions Thread

    Congratulations to @Martee on his transfer to the Marketing Team!
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    #TeamCoral is Hiring, join the Marketing Team!

    Thanks for all the applications! The MTM vacancy has now been filled :)