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  1. Cumulus

    #TeamCoral is Hiring, join the Marketing Team!

    The Marketing Team is Hiring! Forum Promotion's Marketing Team is hiring a new #TeamCoral member! Want to contribute to the growth of ForumPromotion? Then the role may be for you! The Marketing Team is responsible for all areas of Forum Promotion's growth in 2021 and beyond, expanding to new...
  2. Cumulus

    Info Contribute to the ForumPromotion Blog; Earn FP$ for Writing!

    Write an Article for Forum Promotion! Earn lots of rewards as you hone your writing skills, contributing to FP! Thanks to @Joshua Farrell for his original topic. Hello FP! Did you know you can write articles for the Forum Promotion Blog? Want an opportunity to become a published writer on the...
  3. Cumulus

    Seperate or Mixed? - Forum Bank Account

    When operating your own forum, do you like to open a separate bank account to keep it's finances separate, or do you manage it and pay out from your own personal account? I know over here in the UK you can setup a Ltd Company really easy which can give you a business account, or you can even...
  4. Cumulus

    Info Promotion: Top Tips & Tricks V2

    Promotion: Top Tips & Tricks V2 Thanks to @John for his original topic. Getting started in the world of promotion and marketing can be daunting, with lots of technical terms and strategies to cover. If you're a new webmaster looking to venture into marketing for the first time, or a veteran...
  5. Cumulus

    Info Introducing the Marketing Team!

    Introducing the Marketing Team! Hello there! Today I'm proud to publicly unveil the newest team here at FP, the Marketing Team! Sporting the shiny coral pink colour, our Marketing Team will be working on an array of areas, with the aim to modernise FP's marketing strategy, and appeal to a new...
  6. Cumulus

    Join #TeamCoral - The Marketing Team is Hiring!

    The Marketing Team is Hiring! Forum Promotion's newest team, #TeamCoral, is hiring! 📈 The Marketing Team is responsible for all areas of Forum Promotion's growth in 2021 and beyond, expanding to new frontiers and attracting the latest webmasters, bloggers, community owners and YouTuber's...
  7. Cumulus

    Quiz Me! 💬

    Can't believe I didn't have one of these already 😱 Ask me questions below :)
  8. Cumulus

    Blog Output?

    With your blog/WordPress site, what is your rough content output like? I've dabbled with blogs and news websites in the past so have written on outputs of 1 per week, right through to 20 articles per day. What's your output like?
  9. Cumulus

    Favourite WordPress SEO Plugin?

    WordPress users and bloggers, what's your favourite SEO Plugin for your site/blog? I've used the large players before, both 'Yoast SEO' and 'All in One' SEO, but prefer Yoast personally: Found it's features and usability by general writers quite superior to alternatives on the market. So what...
  10. Cumulus

    Microsoft (Office) vs Google (Drive)

    Which platform do you prefer for your documents, spreadsheets and presentations? I use to use Google Docs quite heavily in my old job, but since have moved back over to Microsoft Office which I think is a lot more feature rich - even the online versions. Which is your favourite?
  11. Cumulus

    Nice to eMeet you all

    Hi everyone, I'm a web-developer and Metrology student from the UK - Nice to meet you all :) Looking forward to contributing on some of the tech threads and hopefully meeting some like-minded folk!