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  1. master412160

    Paid/Free Looking for posters who know cryptocurrency

    Hey there, Paid or free I'm looking for posters to help with content on Knowing blockchain what is bitcoin, etc is a must. Contact me if interested to discuss.
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    MoonForum < Bitcoin Forum, cryptocurrency discussion forum - 300 members 4 days

    Site Name: MoonForum URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Are you ready for the ultimate crypto forum? We launched on Monday and have a great growth so far. What is your first impression?
  3. master412160

    MoonForum - CryptoCurrency Dicussion Forums is now open!

    Are you ready for the ultimate crypto forum? We launched on Monday and have a great growth so far. What is your first impression?
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    Fix login display name - username mod

    I remember before the upgrade you guys used a mod to have a display name and a username as a extra security measure against account hacking. Will this be enabled again? Or dropped because the mod is not compatible with phpbb 3.1? The reason I came up with this thought was because I couldn't...
  5. master412160

    Have you played pacman yet on google maps?

    Its april fool's day and Google has yet to not take it up a notch each year. They succeed once again at amazing us with their april fools. try it out and share your highscores! My highscore: 4610
  6. master412160

    What is the real truth about pork?

    Is eating pork in dishes or prepared in some way unheality? I'm of course not talking about raw meat. But just the pork you find in the shops and such that you use in your dishes and eat. I know that for example in Islam its forbidden and bad but I do not get why it is there and in the west...
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    steamos sale, what game you getting?

    There is a nice sale going on on steam. :biggrin: Check here:
  8. master412160

    At what point is it best to upgrade to 3.1?

    Right now just 4 official extensions are released and no extension I believe is supported that this forum needs. But just being a curious guy, when would FP feel ready to upgrade? In 2 years time perhaps, when the 3.1.2 or so exists or alot of extensions are present? :P
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    Like FB page until I reach 25 likes = 20 fp cash

    Right now got 24 likes, need 25. Per like 20 fp cash. You can't unlike. :great:
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    Any recent sale success stories from you? share in here

    If you sold any domain or site recently and got a story or some form of exp to share from that transaction do so in here. No need to give a money figure you made but if you do... Keep in mind you share the profits you made too. Cause the money you got should be decreased by the total amount of...
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    ⊀→ VOTE @ = 20 FP reward⊁ ⋆⋆⋆⋆

    Please vote at in the poll and you'll get 20FP for doing so!
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    The upcoming RTS game "Grey Goo"

    Anyone heard about it? What do you think? I myself can't wait! Teaser trailer:
  13. master412160

    [FRE] Forum Bloggers interesting but challenging concept

    I'm selling or giving away the Forum Bloggers project. Domain + files. Giving it away? Yes. I know its a challenging project and it would need quite a capable person in order for the project to work out. If you interested to know the concept behind the site if it isn't to obvious already...
  14. master412160

    Known of a place that is giving away something? Share it.

    The purpose of this topic is for fellow webmasters to share places on the internet that are giving stuff away for free during the christmas period or just not per say for christmas but is still free. I know of some places. (contest in what you can win stuff for free)...
  15. master412160

    Rome II Total War

    Who's gonna get it and play it?
  16. master412160

    10 000 posts on Promotion Zone! WOOT!

    We hit 10 000 posts on PZ today! We done alot of changes which can be viewed directly when visiting the forums or reading about them here: Regards, Matt.
  17. master412160

    3.0 Editor theme for MyBB released

    File Name - 3.0 Description - A modern editor theme compared to the MyBB default one. Author Name - Andrew aka Lunty Additional Information - You may need to do some css adjustments to make it match your theme perfectly and also some height and width adjustments! Preview/Demo - Download...
  18. master412160

    Simplicity - A free quality theme with 3 colors

    File Name - Simplicity Description - Simplicity theme - 2013, simple theme with 3 color combination of red, green and black that gives a clean elegant look. designed by Avastyles. Author Name - Lunty Additional Information - For now the download is only avaliable on Ava Styles it self or...
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    Odd bug

    search.php?author_id=12075&sr=topics&sf=firstpost :confused: Never seen this type of bug before on a phpbb board.
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    For those phpbb stylists out there...

    Are you someone who enjoys making phpbb styles for phpbb? But finds the certain strictness on their style submission policy on putting you off to submit your work to their db? Then have a look at this disucssion: ... &t=2182621 It could...