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  1. LewisPotato


    Site Name: IdeaGaming URL: Type: Forum Site Info: This is probably like my 100th forum but I'm determined to keep this one for good as I now run XenForo which I got in their Christmas sale, really like the software and I think the forum looks overall good, but I'd...
  2. LewisPotato

    Gaming Forum - IdeaGaming

    Site Name: IdeaGaming URL: Type: Gaming Forum Site Info: I'm not really sure what to put here but it is a forum I've been working on for a while and I've put it up live yesterday, I hope you like it. (Please note if you have adult content in your website in the field...
  3. LewisPotato

    IdeaGaming (Gaming Forum)

    Site Name: IdeaGaming URL: (SSL Secured) Type: Forum Tags: Giveaways, Game News, Game Discussions, Games, Website, Forum, Achievements, S.O.E, Site Info: IdeaGaming is a fairly new family friendly and very tidy and neat gaming forum seeking gamers who want to discuss games...
  4. LewisPotato


    Hi, My name is Lewis and I own IdeaGaming, it's very nice to meet you all. :)