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  1. dihep

    Increase in spammer sign ups?

    I have google captcha for registring. Even though my forum has been online just for 2 days, I never got any bot registring (even when I was in testing for months, none bot/spammers account were registred).
  2. dihep

    VPS hosting accounts (Linux) please - any good web hosts?

    I have my forum hosted in strato. It's a german company; so far so good. I never had any problem with them, and they are kind of cheap. Feel free to check them out.
  3. dihep

    Thank you Cameron! Working hard on getting now a even better mobile responsiveness, and fixing...

    Thank you Cameron! Working hard on getting now a even better mobile responsiveness, and fixing some bugs. Have a great day! :)
  4. dihep

    What brand of computers do you like?

    If we're talking about laptops, I'm much into Mac. For a desktop computer I'd recommend a normal windows one :)
  5. dihep

    Hello everyone

    Hey ArsNeurochirurgica , welcome to ForumPromotion! Your forum looks great, keep it going! See you around the forums :)
  6. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    Bump. Site is finally live! Started today, 11th January 2020. After many major bugs (which are solved), I can say that it's opened. I know there are few minor bugs over there, but we'll get into that. I still need people to help me out! Due the delays, lost contact...
  7. dihep

    Jerry here, nice to see You all

    Welcome to FP Jerry! :cool:
  8. dihep

    Which SSL would you recommend for VPS managed with Plesk?

    Hello everybody. I am using a VPS linux hosted in strato website, with a domain .org which is also hosted there. Thing is that they do not give SSL certificates for "servers", I do not know why. So recently I have been looking to have a SSL Certificate, because the domain url appears as "Not...
  9. dihep

    Avicii Tribute Concert

    In Loving Memory Of Tim Bergling Enjoy if you are an Avicci fan. One of my favourite song in this video is the Live Vocals performed by Johanna Söderberg with the song "I Could Be The One"
  10. dihep


    Hey! Hope you enjoy your estance here!
  11. dihep

    Hi there

    Sup buddy, welcome to FP!
  12. dihep

    News - Positive or More Negative

    Well, obviously it is more negative, because the "bad news" are the ones who "sells more". And we tend to overlook more the negative things than the positive, which is something the humanity should cleary change. But heh, c'est la vie.
  13. dihep

    100 FP to test our support

    Hello. Just contacted the support service chat right now. They were online, so the answer was almost instantly, keep it going :)
  14. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    Bump Some updates: Programmer is back working the final steps (which are some security issues to prevent bots, and also conditions/privacy of my website and some other minor issues. I have currently one guy who will help me confirmed (as part of staff to start the site). @Mushmellow is PM'ed...
  15. dihep

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Morning dude. Quite the same here, but got woke up by a wrong phone call in my free-day. Sad.
  16. dihep

    What movie have you seen recently?

    Recently I watched Haunt. Not bad to be honest.
  17. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    I have PM'ed you with some questions / info :) Still looking for more people: As of now, 2 of them are interested in helping me out. I plan on opening the website if I find some more people to start the site; It's hard to start conversation/threads with just 3 users. Hopefully I'll find soon...
  18. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    Bump, after a while inactive because I did not find enough people to start this up, I'll give it a try again. Forum is kinda ready to open. Plans on opening are before new year (December most likely). But I'd like to find few people interested in helping out. Wouldn't like to open with only 2...
  19. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    You got an e-mail, check it :)
  20. dihep

    Free Staff and Esports gaming web!

    After almost a year I'm still looking for help. Not opened yet, due some personal issues + people who wanted to help were kinda inactive just before opening up. So feel free to post again to help!