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    Greetings, - First Games Giveaway to start at 30 members Learn more about it:
  2. Wyvh

    MOBA Community - Open/Project

    Status: Project Theme: Gaming (MOBAs) Type: Community/Communal-forums Looking for: Partner(s) (Administrator(s) mainly) Name: To be defined Greetings, There's this project I've had in mind for a while now. The part that will be decisive is this one : it would be a community-forums about MOBAs...
  3. Wyvh

    Wyvh, wyvh.

    Greetings, My nick's Wyvh, i'm a 19 years old french player that's been around PC games for more than 8 years now. I'm living 1 hour away from Paris and i'm currently doing.. well, nothing specific. I'm here to search and seek partner(s) for an extremely-serious project around MOBAs in general...