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  1. Allan

    SMF 2.1 RC 4

    Just thought I would share the new release candidate for SMF.
  2. Allan

    Ask me anything

    This is something a little out of my comfort zone, but if you would like you can ask me anything? Side note I thought I had one here from a long time ago, just can't find it.
  3. Allan

    Resident Evil 8

    Has anyone played RE8 yet, or hoping to play it soon?
  4. Allan

    Host Hunters

    Host Hunters is a forum that allows web hosts a place to advertise their services for free. A place where others can discuss hosting and all attributes on the subject. We also have a place for members to just talk about anything from gaming to entertainment. If you have a minute you should stop...
  5. Allan

    Admin Replies

    When you post on any forum, do you think that the admin is obligated to reply to every post?
  6. Allan

    Wearing a mask?

    Just curious how many don't mind wearing one or do you absolute hate it. (This is not a political thing just something that popped into my mind) For me I don't like them but my employer requires us to wear them, but I have gotten so used to having one on that it's now normal for me to wear one.
  7. Allan

    Converted from Xenforo - Host Hunters

    I was playing around and converted Xenforo to Mybb then over to SMF 2.1, also moved from a subdirectory to the root. I did make a little changes to a theme but nothing to drastic. I know 2.1 is still in RC2 right now but for me it was easier to change to because of the options it has already. I...
  8. Allan

    Tetris 99

    Has anyone tried this yet on the switch? It's hard ;)
  9. Allan

    Selling Host-Hunters

    Looking to sell, I just don't have the extra time to maintain it anymore. Unfortunately the Xenforo is no transferable so that won't be part of the sale. I will transfer the domain (expires 5/29/2019) to you as well as the twitter account. There is about $300 a year...
  10. Allan

    Solved Logged out

    I just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem, I was reading the thread about Bird Box and click the home button in the breadcrumb. It brought to the home page but also logged me out account, had to log back in to the forum when I came back. I did this twice to make sure it wasn't just me.
  11. Allan

    Yummie in my Tummie

    Site Name: Yummie in my Tummie URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Yummie in my Tummie is a new forum I have started with my wife about cooking and eating. Will be adding recipes for everything from grilling to slow cookers. We are looking to get active members and build a...
  12. Allan

    Looking for 1 Team Member

    I am opening a admin forum called Adminition, since we are new I am looking to get one person to help me start out. There are no gmod or mods just Team Members. Duties are easy; help moderate the forum, try to be active ( we all have lives so I understand). The forum is run on Xenforo so some...
  13. Allan

    Become A Host Contest

    Host Hunters is having another great contest. We have partnered up with ushost247 to bring you another exceptional contest. ushost247 has been kind enough to donate a reseller package free for one year. Could you imagine having the chance to start your own web hosting company.ushost247 has been...
  14. Allan

    Dove Forums

    Something I have been watching for some time and thought I would share the beta lite version link with everyone. I have nothing to do with the developing, just a curious person.
  15. Allan

    Mysqli Connection Error

    Just wanted to post that I have gotten this error a couple times already this morning. SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) [2002] An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem...
  16. Allan

    Great New Contest at Host-Hunters

    Host Hunters is at it again, but this time the it's bigger and better.Billingserv billing software is sponsoring this great contest with the prize being 3 lifetime license's all ranging in different costs and all for free. Billingserv provides hosting companies & small businesses with a software...
  17. Allan

    Win a VPS for 1 year at Host-Hunters.

    Host Hunters is having another great contest. We have teamed up with Holder Host to bring you a great giveaway we know you will love. Holder Host has donated 1 complete free of VPS hosting. Wouldn't it be great to have hosting bill and your own VPS for absolutely free. Holder Host has been...
  18. Allan

    ElkArte Forum Software -Final Released

    I have been watching this fork of SMF for a while and they just released the final version. Check it out, don't compare it to SMF it is vastly different. Here is the link
  19. Allan

    Win a lifetime BillingServ License at Host-Hunters

    Host Hunters is at it again, but this time the it's bigger and better.Billingserv billing software is sponsoring this great contest with the prize beingBillingserv has been generous to donate a lifetime subscription to their Enterprise Plan. This normally cost £200/$260 a month, and you could...
  20. Allan

    Win a Free Blesta License at Host-Hunters

    Host Hunters is proud to announce our first contest and we have come up with a great one at that. Blesta billing software is sponsoring this great contest with the prize being Blesta owned unbranded license, yes you saw right unbranded license and has a $300 value.Blesta is one of the industry...