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  1. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Acknowledged and paid; thanks! <3
  2. Gray

    I am New Here :)

    Welcome to FP. ^_^
  3. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Thanks! I have sent the FP$ your way. :)
  4. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Acknowledged and paid; Thanks! :cat:
  5. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Thanks! Paid. <3. Generally through ads, subs, etc.
  6. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Acknowledged, thank you!
  7. Gray

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Aye, thanks for coming by and hanging out. <3. It's in a better spot than what it was when it first released and I find it's a fun game to chill in. I typically do the end game content and help people through stuff, but you happened to have come in whilst I was messing around in Player vs...
  8. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Acknowledged and promptly paid. Thank you. Thanks for jumping in chat :)
  9. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    This offer is still on the table. Easy FP$! Drop a follow and reply with your username and I’ll send the FP$ your way. :) Just have to have fun with it and stick with it! You’ll never know!
  10. Gray

    Comment by 'Gray' in item ' - Streaming shenanigans'

    Hey my dude! Sorry I totally missed this, but thank you! You have no idea how much I appreciate you lending me your support by following. <3 I'm currently 3 followers away from my current target of 50 followers. So close, but so far away at the same time.
  11. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$.

    Acknowledged and promptly paid. Thank you. :heart: Edit: Me too! I started years ago, but recently started again and fell in love with it. Currently making the push for affiliate myself. :) You should totally get back into it!
  12. Gray

    Twitch Follow -- 100 FP$. A relatively simple enough exchange; follow my twitch channel using the link above and reply below with the username(s) followed with and I'll get back to you and donate the necessary FP$. Thanks in advance! Perhaps you'll enjoy the content <3.
  13. Gray

    Play Observed ~ Observed Gaming Content

    Just a heads up, not sure if this is intentional, but clicking the site's logo directs you to but presents an error "you must have an account to use this feature". It's kind of off-putting. I'd recommend changing it so it directs to the forum page or allowing guests to see...
  14. Gray


    Welcome to FP. :cat:
  15. Gray

    Last thing on TV you watched

    I don't watch live TV -- haven't done for years -- but assuming services such as Disney+ and Netflix count, the last thing I watched was Loki - Episode 4. It's shaping up up to be my favourite marvel tv series thus far.
  16. Gray

    Lokyr - Twitch Shenanigans :cat: Do you know what happens when a goofball of a weeb with a passion for gaming and connecting with new people streams his gameplay? You get Lokyr. -- I'm Lokyr! (pronounced Lo-key-er), but if you prefer you may call me Gray instead. I stream almost every day...
  17. - Streaming shenanigans - Streaming shenanigans

  18. Gray

    How goes it, Cammmmeh?

    How goes it, Cammmmeh?
  19. Gray

    Who streams Here!

    I stream! I originally started streaming a few years ago as a small hobby, but stopped due to moving, starting university, etc - basically too many conflicts and the drive to do so wasn't there anymore. However, I recently started streaming again as a means of improving confidence as well as...
  20. Gray

    Kiki, do you love me?

    Will you answer this CMT?