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  1. Carlos X


    The Division is a First Person Shooter from Ubisoft. Its part of the Tom Clancy brand...
  2. Carlos X

    $ PS5Forum/PS5Daily Mobile App Images

    I've had a successful CODForums thread, but I'm back with another one, though for a different reason here. I already have logos for both sites. This is for the PWA Mobile App (for those of you unaware, xenforo released an update that allowed for PWA Mobile App.) + Mobile Icon must be 192x192 +...
  3. Carlos X

    Call of Duty: Vanguard

    The announcement happened recently, but the reveal is going to take place inside the Call of Duty: Warzone experience...
  4. Carlos X

    FP$ Logo for CODForums?

    This is the original logo that I kept for many years... It was getting to a point where I had to look for something to replace it with. One day, a user came to me telling me he made a new logo... Here is the revamped logo afterwards... There was nothing wrong with this logo, but I was looking...
  5. Carlos X

    Solved Look at your ACP's Spam Section and get this locked down

    I've been here for years, I've NEVER seen a PM spam. Holy shit. A woman asking like... "what's yer a/s/l?" Like, she desperate. Lol. Let me get the screencap here in a sec. I reported it though, but shits funny... [Nevermind the PM image, seems like @Ozzy47 cleaned it up.] Anyway, @Cam! get...
  6. Carlos X

    CarlosX360 reaches new milestones

    The first announcement is CODForums reached 2 Million Pageviews worldwide (lifetime). The announcement is here... Next up, the network itself (which is currently 6 websites) reached 2 Million Sessions and 4 Million Pageviews... Press Release is here. [Relax, it takes you to a pdf download.]
  7. Carlos X

    Solved Broken reactions

    (This may have been fixed, so forgive me...) I meant to make this a reply in "too many reactions," but it's locked. And I meant to report this earlier, but there are times I see this...
  8. Carlos X

    CoDForums reached 40,000 posts! has now reached 40,000 Posts!
  9. Carlos X

    Solved PSA Forum Promotion

    If you are trying to get into your account with your live/hotmail email, you'll run into issues with receiving the mail. @Cam! @Malcolm
  10. Carlos X

    The Division Forums

    Site Name: The Division Forums URL: (or Type: Forum Site Info: The oldest Tom Clancy's The Division community. It was launched during the height of The Division's buzz, and before The Division even launched. It has been recently...
  11. Carlos X

    ✔️ Completed DestroyRepeat vs. (Alien Babble)

    I've never done a battle, but I'll do one right now. So, go easy on me here. DestroyRepeat vs Alien Babble Who wants to battle for fun!?
  12. Carlos X

    Info Public Service Announcement: If you have xPress, DO NOT upgrade to XF2.1.5, yet.

    Just a PSA/Public Service Announcement: If you have x/Press, wait before you upgrade to the latest version of xenForo 2. xenForo Ltd just released xenForo 2.1.5, and a smaller update 2.1.5a today, but x/Press isn't playing nice with the new update... EDIT: Image has been removed for security.
  13. Carlos X

    CODForums - Call of Duty Forums

    Site Name: CODForums URL: (or Type: Forum Site Info: CODForums is the oldest Call of Duty Forum in existence. No one has the rich history that's behind CODForums. No one. Created in 2003, in anticipation of Activision's Call of Duty. However...
  14. Carlos X

    CODForums is giving away TWO copies of CODMW!

    I've been throwing a contest for a chance to win a copy of the newly released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at CODForums! I will give an extra Call of Duty title with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I have...
  15. Carlos X - PlayStation 5 Blog and Forum

    Site Name: - PlayStation 5 Daily URL: Type: Blog/Forum Site Info: I launched on February 12, 2019 - a whole 2 months before Sony announced first details of PlayStation 5, and about 8 months later, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 is the official...
  16. Carlos X

    PS5Forum - PlayStation 5 Forum

    Site Name: PS5Forum - PlayStation 5 Forum URL: Type: Forum Site Info: I launched on October 8, 2019 - I've been sitting on this announcement for a while now. I've suspected about PS5 since whole 2 months before Sony announced first details of PlayStation 5, and...
  17. Carlos X

    YouTube promotion...?

    I am trying to get 100 subscribers for a YouTube channel to get ready for a new PlayStation console. Is there a specific place to promote it? My new channel is
  18. Carlos X

    DestroyRepeat is back on the billboard!

    Because I won a raffle! :p Yep. Yep! [Source]
  19. Carlos X reaches 1,000 posts!

    Took me a while, but I'm happy to announce Black Ops 4 Forums reached their first 1,000 posts!
  20. Carlos X Review

    Site Name: CoD Forums - Call of Duty Forums Date Opened: June 15, 2009 Review Requested (Quick/Advanced): Free Review Week Shenanigans Notes: CODForums is the oldest Call of Duty Forum in existence. No one has the rich history that's behind CODForums. No one. Created in 2003, in anticipation of...