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  1. gamestoenjoy

    Selling Guest posts on my blog

    Hi, Kodi Beginner is an established tech blog with 12,000 visitors daily. We accept guest posts but we have some requirements for such post: * It should be well-written containing at least 200 words * It should be related to Kodi, streaming apps or other related subjects * You can include one...
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    Moved from shared hosting to VPS

    I migrated my website Kodi Beginner from shared hosting to VPS. The reason was that I have a lot of traffic and when I used shared hosting the website was slow and I had sometimes downtimes. Now the website is working fast and it can serve many visitors concurrently :smuggrin:
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    Do you use Adsense Auto ads?

    Hi, I use Adsense Auto ads for my website and it works pretty good. My earnings increased dramatically in the last year while using Auto ads. Do you use it also or prefer to add your ads manually?
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    ✔️ Completed Kodi Beginner vs (Bizdustry)

    Who wants to battle ?
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    Kodi Beginner was accepted to Google News!

    Kodi Beginner was accepted to Google News: Great progress for us :smuggrin:
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    ✔️ Completed Kodi Beginner versus (

    This is my website: Is anyone interested? :smuggrin:
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    What's new in Kodi 19?

    Kodi 19 is the next major version of Kodi which should be released next year. Currently, there is only an alpha version that is not stable but can be installed. Here is what's new in Kodi 19 and how to download it:
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    Selling Blog posts on my website

    Hi, I am selling blog posts on my online tutorials website Kodi Beginner. The site has around 10,000 visits per day, mostly form USA and UK. It has many keywords ranked high in Google. The post should be related to Kodi and other related topics like Plex, Firestick, Torrent. The content of the...
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    ✔️ Completed (Kodi Beginner) vs Sideline Coverage

    Anyone want to battle
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    Anyone here is a Patreon creator?

    Hi, I am a Patreon creator to support my tutorials website: Currently I have one patron and earn $2 per month. Does anyone here use it? If so, how many patrons do you have and how much money do you earn per month? Do you have tips how to get more patrons...
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    Kodi Beginner

    Kodi Beginner is the place for you to learn all you need to know about Kodi and other related subjects. The site contains many tutorials, tips and treaks and the content is updated regularly. Here is a link to the website: Kodi Beginner
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    Added PWA to my website

    Kodi Beginner now has a PWA (Progressive Web Apps) which is a web app for mobile devices. You can install it on your mobile from the website without the need to go to the app store. After installing, a shortcut to the app is added to the home screen. PWA works fast and works also when you are...
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    Torrent protection guide

    Here is a tutorial about how to avoid threats related to privacy and security when using Torrent to download files: Torrent protection guide
  14. gamestoenjoy

    Is my site mobile friendly?

    Hi, Can you please verify that my site is shown perfectly on your mobile device? Please mention your device type. Here is the link to the website: Thanks for your assistance!
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    Showcase your WordPress site

    Hi, I use WordPress for 5 year and I really love it! It is both robust and flexible. Here is the site I built with WordPress:
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    Free IPTV on Kodi

    Here is how to setup free IPTV on Kodi with thousands of channels from all around the world:
  17. gamestoenjoy

    Kodi Beginner is three years old!

    Hi, Kodi Beginner is two years old :smuggrin: A lot has changed since its launch: * Improved design * Many new tutorials * Additional functionality and the site grows rapidly with good traffic. I hope that the next year will be at least good as the previous year :D
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    ✔️ Completed Kodi Beginner vs (Bayside Gamers)

    Who wants to battle ?
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    Please review my site

    Hi, Please review my site Kodi Beginner: Thanks for your help!
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    You can now play games on Kodi

    Starting form Kodi 18, the new Kodi just launched, you can play retro games on Kodi including Sega, Atari, Nintendo, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Game Boy, Amiga, PlayStation and more. You should definitely try it. Here is how to play games on Kodi: How to Play Games on Kodi - Kodi Beginner