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  1. Ash

    DH @FP

  2. Ash

    Halloween @

    🎃Halloween @ Discussion Hub 2021🎃 Spooky season has arrived at Discussion Hub. Our Halloween celebrations have started early this year and we've kickstarted it by offering users the chance to win virtual currency and awards for posting their best Halloween themed jokes and sharing a virtually...
  3. Ash

    Completed Ruby Package For DH

  4. Ash

    ⚔ In Progress Discussion Hub vs Hidden Forest

    Who would like to battle DH?
  5. Ash

    Unable To Fulfill DH

    For DH
  6. Ash

    Question Community Spotlight - AdBlockers

    Just a heads up that the community spotlight is now not visible when an adblocker is used. It wasn't like that previously so not sure what has changed. I don't really count that as an advertisement so hopefully that can be sorted out.
  7. Ash

    Completed Ruby Package For DH

  8. Ash

    ✔️ Completed Discussion Hub vs Spurs Talk

    Who wants to battle DH?
  9. Ash

    Unable To Fulfill DH

  10. Ash

    ✔️ Completed Discussion Hub vs Admin Brave vs Bayside Gamers

    Who wants to battle DH? @EGGS happy to battle you since you posted in the other thread
  11. Ash

    ✔️ Completed Discussion Hub vs Talk Mental Health

    Who wants to battle
  12. Ash

    30,000 Posts @

    Just a quick update to say that we recently hit 30,000 posts at A big thanks to everyone that has helped us reach this awesome milestone. And let's hope we can hit some more very soon :)
  13. Ash

    Completed DH

    For DH
  14. Ash

    ✔️ Completed Discussion Hub Vs Bayside Gamers

    Who would like to battle
  15. Ash

    Best Free Hosting?

    Free hosting is not great but I guess it's not too awful for a static site that isn't going to get a large number of views. Is anyone aware of any good free hosting options out there that support Let'sEncrypt SSL as well?
  16. Ash

    Completed Ruby for DH - COTM win no charge

    This is for a free package as Discussion Hub won the latest COTM competition ;)
  17. Ash

    Bayside Gamers. Discussion Hub vs. Banner Exchange

    Who would like to battle
  18. Ash

    The Big Summer Event 2021 @ Discussion Hub - Signs Up Open

    Welcome to the Big Summer Event of 2021! This lovely little limited-time event at Discussion Hub will see two teams of members go head to head to try and win some amazing prizes including Hubux, Awards, and Exclusive Items. A few lucky members may also be able to get their hands on some...
  19. Ash

    Discussion Hub - Euros 2021 Challenge

    Discussion Hub has a special new challenge - share a picture when you're watching a Euros 2021 match and you will get some Hubux and an exclusive award for your profile! No difficult requirements or rules so get on over and get your award -...