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  1. MrJohn

    WTB Posts/Threads on New Forum

    Hello, Looking to buy posts and threads on my new forum. https://www.legitsh.com Register - $0.25 New Thread - $0.10 New Post - $0.10 You can post anywhere on the forum 😁 Payments will be sent via Paypal. Please message me when you are done posting with your Paypal email and the total...
  2. MrJohn

    WTB Websites & Domains ($XXX budget)

    Looking to buy some websites to add to my collection. Interested in small and large sites in the $XX to $XXX range. If you want to keep it confidential you can PM me. Feel free to ask any questions here on this thread otherwise.
  3. MrJohn

    Admin Discount 4 Sale | Webmaster Coupon Community

    Hello everyone! Admin Discount is for sale! I simply do not have the time anymore to see this project through and am looking to get some return on my investment. Please check out the below information and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. It is first come first serve, and once I see...
  4. MrJohn

    Selling Domains | ForumSoftware.Org | AdminHero.Net

    Hello all, I am selling some domains. Please see below information and make any offers through PM. Both domains are registered with Namecheap. Will only accept payment via Paypal. ForumSoftware.Org Registered: March 20th, 2018 Expires: March 20th, 2019 AdminHero.Net Registered: March 10th...
  5. MrJohn

    WTB Forums/Websites

    I'm looking to buy forums and websites to add to my portfolio. Just PM me your URL and I'll shoot you an offer if I'm interested. Here's a few things I'm looking for: Must be a .com, .net, or .org domain. If it is a paid software, you must be selling the license and it must be transferable...
  6. MrJohn

    Completed Ruby for Admin Discount Please

    Site URL: https://admindiscount.com Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 209 Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) Any team members, but would prefer those that own websites. Area Preferences: (Any preference on which areas on your forum you would like us to...
  7. MrJohn

    Need A Favicon/Affiliate Button for Admin Discount

    Will pay $500 FP Cash for a favicon & affiliate button for https://admindiscount.com , the entries that I don't pick will still receive $100 FP Cash. Use your imagination, not to picky on the style as long as it fits the color scheme.
  8. MrJohn

    Looking For Moderator

    Admin Discount is looking for a moderator to help out and post around the forum. It is a non-paid position, but will come with some perks. Please use the following template to apply through PM: Name: Age: Your Website: Why Should You Be Selected?:
  9. MrJohn

    Register & Create Promotion Thread | Paying 100 FP Cash

    Register on my forum and promote your website in the appropriate section. Then PM me here or post here and ill send 100 FP Cash. If you are already registered just post in the promotion section and ill still give you 100 FP Cash. Https://www.admindiscount.com
  10. MrJohn

    Admin Discount Seeking Active/Active

    I am looking to boost my new forum and am only looking for active for active exchanges. If at any point your not satisfied with my exchange, you can simply stop posting. Http://www.admindiscount.com
  11. MrJohn

    Admin Discount | Webmaster Coupons Forum

    Site Name: Admin Discount URL: http://www.admindiscount.com Type: Forum Welcome to our new forum! I am getting back into the forum world in a big way! I want to make being an admin cheaper for every webmaster trying to make their site the next big thing! Our Coupon Section Our Discount...
  12. MrJohn

    Been Almost 10 Years

    It's been almost 10 years since I have joined FP. Do we have any old timers on the forum still? I can't believe it has been almost a decade. I remember when it was on a free forum provider when it first started.
  13. MrJohn

    Selling Xenforo License

    Hello, I have an Xenforo license that I am selling and looking to get Paypal cash for. The updates/support are available through February of 2019. Just don't have the time anymore for my own projects and need the money. Please make your offers through PM. I can provide the validation token...
  14. MrJohn

    DinnerDeals.Net | Premium Brandable Domain

    I am selling my domain that is registered through namecheap. I was planning on making it a coupon site but just don't have the time. I will only accept Paypal and will only transfer to a Namecheap user. It is registered until July 3rd 2018. I am looking for $50 usd. Please PM me if interested.
  15. MrJohn

    Buying Forums

    Looking to buy a forum or two to take on as projects. I have a $XXX budget. All niches. Payment would be through PayPal. PM me or post here.
  16. MrJohn

    Selling RankAHost.Net Domain!

    This was a domain I was going to use for a web hosting directory project, but I don't have the time for it. Registered two months ago on namecheap, expires 05/2016. I am looking for $4 USD via Paypal. Please PM me if interested. First come first serve.
  17. MrJohn

    Selling Admin Community

    http://www.admincommunity.net I have recently taken on more projects at work and it has left me neglecting my forum. Therefore, I would like to sell it to someone that has more time to really make something out of it. A little about the forum, it was previously named webmasterbb.org, and I...
  18. MrJohn

    Looking For Head Moderator

    Site Name: Admin Community Link to site: http://www.admincommunity.net Positions Available: Head Moderator I am looking for someone to head up the moderation division over at Admin Community. If you are interested send me a PM with a little about yourself and why you want to join our community...
  19. MrJohn

    Buying Posts On AC

    I am looking to buy posts/topics for Admin Community to get it jump started. I am willing to pay $1 USD for every 15 posts that you do. Just follow the link in my signature and PM me on here or AC when you are done with the total number of posts that you did and the Paypal email that you want...
  20. MrJohn

    WTB Forums/websites ($XXXX budget)

    I am looking for some websites/forums to take over, and budget shouldn't be an issue. Let me know what you have through PM and I'll take a look at it and get back to you asap. John