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  1. htb24

    Socialism vs Capitalism

    Which economic system do you prefer?
  2. htb24

    Free Speech

    What is your stance on free speech? I am an absolutist and believe in unrestricted freedom of speech for all.
  3. htb24

    Looking for a staff position on a forum

    I am looking to be part of the staff at a forum, Admin or Moderator. I have experience working with MyBB, phpBB and XF. I currently own http://www.gamebroadcasters.com and I really enjoy gaming forums aswell as entertainment forums in general. If you are interested either PM me or reply here :)
  4. htb24

    FIFA 16

    Who here is looking forward to FIFA 16? It will be available in September this year and I am very excited for it. It was announced today by EA that Women will be in the game for the first time ever and you can play as Women national teams against other Women national teams. I am hoping some of...
  5. htb24

    The Peep Show

    Anyone a fan of The Peep Show here? It's a British Sitcom shot in first person from the perspective of various characters. It starts David Mitchell and Robert Webb, both British comedians. It's been going for 12 years and there are 8 series. The 9th and final series is set to air in August 2015...
  6. htb24

    A very good video for anyone thinking of learning code

    I found this video on how to learn code, it is not a tutorial, it's more of a message to those who are interested in learning code. mvK0UzFNw1Q
  7. htb24

    GameBroadcasters alpha

    Site URL: http://www.gamebroadcasters.com Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Kappa/Delta/Theta/Omega/Zeta/Iota): Alpha Total Posts: 400 Extra Notes:
  8. htb24

    Looking for administrator for my gaming forum

    Site Name: GameBroadcasters Link to site: http://www.gamebroadcasters.com Positions Available: Admin and Moderator
  9. htb24


    Site URL: http://www.gamebroadcasters.com Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Kappa/Delta/Theta/Omega/Zeta/Iota): Alpha Total Posts: 201 Extra Notes:
  10. htb24

    GameBroadcasters review!

    Website Name: GameBroadcasters Website Link: http://www.gamebroadcasters.com When was your website founded?: 10-3-2015 Which would you like?: Standard Review Notes:
  11. htb24

    Post exchange with GameBroadcasters!

    You may only have one exchange topic. Please read the sticky topics in this section for more info. Please delete this line before posting Forum Link:gamebroadcasters.com Your name on the board: htb24 Exchange Details: I have created a forum about broadcasting games and general gaming chat. It...
  12. htb24

    I am looking for a banner/logo for my MyBB forum

    This is my new forum - gamebroadcasters.com - and I would really appreciate if someone could design me a logo/banner (thing to go at the top) with 'gamebroadcasters' and the motto in it.
  13. htb24

    Help with phpbb

    I don't know how to change the theme or add rank images, things like that. The stuff I've seen online when looking for help all say go to /images/ranks things like that but I don't know what that means there is no option for that in the ACP. Someone help please
  14. htb24

    What was your first gaming console?

    Mine was probably the gamecube, I played a lot of mario games on it! What was yours?
  15. htb24

    Very funny comedyshortsgamer video!

    I don't know if any of you guys have heard of CSG but he is the younger brother of KSI, a popular FIFA youtuber. CSG makes FIFA videos too but less of them and more comedy sketches kind of like this video - YmTnOk2EXfQ
  16. htb24

    Has anyone played Wolfenstein: The New Order?

    I recently watched the trailer for this game and it looks so interesting! I love History and I also love FPS so I think I will really like this game. Has anyone here played it and have an opinion on how it plays?
  17. htb24

    Any FIFA players here?

    Are there any FIFA players here on FP? I am currently playing career mode on FIFA 15 and I was wondering if there was anyone on this forum who may also be doing so.
  18. htb24

    Best graphics card for under £100?

    I am looking to upgrade my PC and want to get a new graphics card. I currently have a nvidia geforce gtx 600. Is there any graphics card out there that would be better than what I currently have for around £100?
  19. htb24

    What sport is your local city/town best at?

    For me, we are probably best at Ice Hockey or Rugby. What about you?
  20. htb24

    Should prisoners get the vote?

    This is a pretty universal debate topic as all countries vote and all countries have prisoners. I am on the fence on this topic, I see good points on either side. What do you guys think?