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    Best Host?

    I need to move my mybb board to a new host as the free host I'm currently on forces an hour of shutdown a day. Plus their contracts are 3 years long for paid. Any suggestions for a good host? Requirements; Preferably free with choice to upgrade cheaply. Paid should be month by month...
  2. DTForums

    Free forum supplier recommendations

    I'm considering moving from tapatalk as tapatalk has very limited support, limited add ons, limited theme control and well, limited everything it seems. Plus a lot of people seem to hate it. Don't know why. Anyways, I've tried jcink but that seems to have broken add ons and some basic...
  3. DTForums

    Question Community Billboards & Forum Redirect Auction

    Was wondering how members enter community billboards and forum redirect auction? There don't seem to be any boards related to these promotional items?
  4. DTForums

    Discussion Time Pictionary Contest - Win Amazon Vouchers/Charity Donation

    Discussion Time is running a competition whereby you earn points by answering pictionary images correctly. The points are recorded in this scoreboard. Members can win gold points (forum currency) and Amazon vouchers/Charity Donation The pictionary games are as follows: Guess The Song Guess...
  5. DTForums

    Post Exchange With Discussion Time

    Discussion Time is a free speech forum. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/discussion_time/ Looking for: 5/5 10/10 20/20
  6. DTForums

    Discussion Time - Dedicated to Free Speech

    Discussion Time Discussion Time is a general discussion/debate forum that is dedicated to freedom of speech. It was founded as an alternative to a particular website that stifled honest debate and discussion. Freedom of Speech is so important, especially when many websites ban you for...
  7. DTForums

    Question Tapatalk Friendly

    Just wondering if I can access this forum on tapatalk?