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  1. Nous

    Community of the Month #55 - Submissions

    Site Name: GTA Boards Site Link: https://gtaboards.com
  2. Nous

    Facebook Rebrand to Meta?

    I just read that another company already had applied to trademark the name Meta, and now the original owners are asking Facebook to pay $20 Million to take over the trademark of Meta. (source)
  3. Nous

    🍺 here ya go! :)

    🍺 here ya go! :)
  4. Nous

    USHost247 | PrimalInstincts - Gaming Servers

    Didn't know you sold game servers too, any plans on adding Rust? :bag:
  5. Nous

    Post Exchange with GTA Boards

    Awesome, just started on your forum.
  6. Nous

    [OzzModz] Badges

    Hey @Ozzy47 is there anyway I can manually award a badge to all members? So I want to award a Halloween badge to all members who are on the forum as of 31 Oct (Today) is there anyway to do this? Or at least Manually award to all users at once instead of going profile to profile?
  7. Nous

    Post Exchange with GTA Boards

    https://gtaboards.com, I will sign up on yours as well. Its Techobserved.com right?
  8. Nous

    Post Exchange with GTA Boards

    Hey! I am down, let's do it. I just reshuffled and added a few forum sections to GTA Boards. :) I will start my 5/5 this week.
  9. Nous

    Post Exchange with GTA Boards

    Hey guys, I am looking for a 5/5 weekly post exchange with my forum GTA Boards. Preference for Gaming forums or general chat forums 😅
  10. Nous

    100 $FP Twitch follow! (Lets get another 100)

    Just followed you, username is NousBoy ;)
  11. Nous

    BaysideGamers Feedback Survey $50FP

    Hey! Just dropped by feedback on there too :)
  12. Nous

    400 FP $ offer! [Closed]

    I just commented too! :)
  13. Barely Survived - Survival Gaming

    Barely Survived - Survival Gaming

  14. Nous

    ✔️ Completed prophpBB vs Admin Brave

    Congrats @meetdilip 👍
  15. Nous

    Facebook Rebrand to Meta?

    This took me by surprise this morning, still waiting to watch the Keynote to understand the decision behind the rename.
  16. Nous

    ✔️ Completed GTA Boards vs Bayside Gamers

    o_O Thank you so much for the support to win my very first Battle! 😍 GG @Empire 🤝
  17. Nous

    Making a discord for your forum?

    I think using Discord or Guilded for quick chats while using your forum to keep the serious discussions on? I have been playing around with Guilded too for an upcoming project.
  18. Nous

    GTABoards - Grand Theft Auto Forums

    Did you guys check out the new GTA Trilogy - The Definitive Edition trailer? It has some gameplay footage and scene cuts, what do you think about it? Join the rant thread over at GTA Boards! [GTA Boards] - GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition Trailer Rants!
  19. Nous

    What do you do online when you're not on Forum Promotion?

    On YouTube or doing my assignment work.