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  1. Nous

    Post Exchange with GTA Boards

    Hey guys, I am looking for a 5/5 weekly post exchange with my forum GTA Boards. Preference for Gaming forums or general chat forums 😅
  2. Nous

    ✔️ Completed GTA Boards vs Bayside Gamers

    Anyone interested in battling GTA Boards? P.S Our first battle 🤞
  3. Nous

    Looking for a Partner

    I am looking for a partner for my new community venture. The venture is a webmaster forum dedicated to all individuals who are running forums and communities. I am looking for a partner who is a passionate webmaster who knows a thing or two about running a community (to be able to help members...
  4. Nous

    Social Swim - [21+] General Forum

    [Social Swim] - [21+] General Forums Welcome the [Social Swim] Social Swim is a General forum dedicated for the mature discussions about life, finance, technology, entertainment. Wea re a 21+ community as we rely mostly on mature conversations. The community is quite new and in the process of...
  5. Nous

    Domain for Sale: Geekthority.com

    I want to list one of my domains for sale. PM me your price. - geekthority.com It means Geek Authority I wanted to start a tech blog with this domain but things didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.
  6. Nous

    Long .com or a short .io domain?

    would you register a long .com name over a shorter .io domain name? In terms of SEO would that have any impact on my site? for instance like the below: examplesite.com example.io
  7. Nous

    Giveaway for my Forum?

    I was thinking of doing a give away on my forum for a particular addon for a game. The main reason for the giveaway is to get some content and members to join the forums. I would have certain guidelines for members to enter the giveaway and it would be a Steam giveaway so I can purchase and gift...
  8. Nous

    GTABoards - Grand Theft Auto Forums

    GTA Boards - Grand Theft Auto Forums GTA Boards is a dedicated forum for Grand Theft Auto fans, all discussions about Grand Theft Auto's franchise is allowed. Want to discuss about the upcoming GTA 6 (which isn't even announced officialy yet?) or discuss about GTA V which is currently the most...
  9. Nous

    GTA Boards just moved to XenForo

    I have been cracking my head over the past few days from moving my forum over from IPB to XenForo and finally took the decision today to move the whole forum over to XenForo. It did take a bit of time to import everything over and set things up. The basics have been setup and I am working now on...
  10. Nous

    What website management tools do you use?

    What website tools do you guys use to manage your forums? I.e: Cloudflare, advertising sites? Google webmaster tools? Etc.
  11. Nous

    Forum Niche Testing?

    Do you guys ever do a quick market test for your forum before launch? Kind of like to gauge the likelihood of the forums success? I've had a few forum ideas in mind other than the one I am currently working on (which is more of a hobby forum) and was thinking of ways to test the waters before I...
  12. Nous

    Hello FP

    Hey guys! I'm new here. Starting out with my own forum and thought I could use Forum Promotion to learn new things :)