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  1. Joel

    500FP For 10 Minutes Of Designing!

    Simple ... this image I drew out in Paint. I've done a very rough horrible paint job of a side profile of a man in a hard hat, outlined in white on a blue background. I would love for someone to reproduce this images so it looks sharp and professional, using the same colors and format. And...
  2. Joel

    $5 For A Micro Button Design

    Type of Graphic: Micro button (88x31 pixels) Size in pixels: 88x31 Type of payment: $5 via Paypal.com Link to forum or screenshot: http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ Colour scheme: red, orange, silver (let silver be the main color used) Text / Subtext on image: Advertise (line 1) Hotspot (line 2)...
  3. Joel

    Gamma for Advertise Hotspot

    Site URL: http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/New): Gamma Date your site started: January 2010 Total Posts: 50k+ Extra Notes: Thanks in advance!
  4. Joel

    Buying Posts For My Forum!

    Advertise Hotspot is relaunching soon, so while my staff members work behind the scenes, the forum is still accessible and members can still post. Some of our forums haven't got a post for a very long time so I wish to buy your topics to kick things in a bit. I will pay $1 for every 3 topics...
  5. Joel

    Advertise Hotspot Will Be Relaunching Soon!

    If you haven't heard yet, Advertise Hotspot is BACK FROM THE DEAD! We're back! We will be relaunching the forum real soon with a new custom style, brand new services, a whole new staff team and of course, a brand new Advertise Hotspot! There's going to be MAJOR things coming your way when we...
  6. Joel

    Buying Ads On Webmaster Related Forums

    I want to buy a minimum of 1 month duration ads on webmaster related forums. Its either a text link or a 468x60 banner ad, or both (preferably in the header area). Willing to pay up good cash for it. Will send all payments through Paypal. My criteria : - minimum page rank of 3 - minimum alexa...
  7. Joel

    Get 50FP For 1 Post Only!

    If you need some extra FP cash for yourself, I'm offering you a very very good deal for you. Just post ONE post at my forum and receive 50FP cash from me! You can start whenever you're ready. Visit my forum at : http://www.theadvertisehotspot.com/ You can only do this ONCE. Just reply to this...
  8. Joel

    Custom domains from NameCheap for FP$

    So here's the deal. I'll give you a .com/.org/.net domain from NameCheap in exchange for $2500FP (this price can change anytime) per 1 domain. Just PM me the domain name you want, and I'll get it for you. Once I receive the FP$ from you, I will push the domain to your NC account. If you want it...
  9. Joel

    Paying $5 for 40 forum posts

    Looking for 5-10 people interested. I am willing to pay you $5 if you are able to make 40 forum posts on my forum here : http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ You can use a newly created account or your current account (if you have one). You can start immediately, just post a link to your member...
  10. Joel

    2 Years Old Webmaster Promotion Forum : Over 89,000 posts!

    Hey guys, its Joel here. I own the popular forum Advertise Hotspot. Its a webmaster promotion forum where members can discuss webmaster related material and also advertise their websites for free there. They can also request for our wide variety of 100% free services our forum offers. Current...
  11. Joel

    "Error 403: Forbidden" when trying to post

    I was trying to reply to topics made on my forum but when I do, I get this Return when I type my reply and click "submit" in the quick reply box. BUT ... after I click back on my browser, I F5 the page, and try to click "submit" again, it works, The 403 error doesn't show. It happens for ALL...
  12. Joel

    Advertise Hotspot gamma package

    Forum Url: http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Theta/Omega/Delta/Sigma/New): Gamma Date your forum started: 2010 Total posts on your forum: 87,000 Extra Notes:
  13. Joel

    Designers wanted at Advertise Hotspot!

    Forum Name: Advertise Hotspot Positions Available: Graphic designers Link to forum: http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ Advertise Hotspot recently reopened our graphics service and it has been a hit! We're looking for at least 2 new designers to join our team and help out in the graphics section...
  14. Joel

    Advertise Hotspot large forum review

    Name of Site: Advertise Hotspot Site Link: http://www.advertisehotspot.info/ Type of Review ( Small/Medium/Large/Website/Blog ): Large Date Site Opened: January 2010 Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): Username : fpreviewer Password : fp2012 Additional Notes:
  15. Joel

    Graphics service at Advertise Hotspot officially reopened!

    Hey FP community! Just want to let you guys know, that Advertise Hotspot recently reopened our graphics service. If you are looking for fresh new graphics for your website, do come down and request! :) Every service at our forum only costs you a fill virtual cash at the forum, and its basically...
  16. Joel

    Hey FP! I'm back :)

    Hello hello! Hello everyone! I'm back here at FP once again! :great: Hope you guys still remember me. Anyway, a short intro about myself ... I'm 15 this year and I live in Singapore (short enough?) XD
  17. Joel

    Joel's hotspot (ask me questions!)

    Hello FP! I am 15 this year and I live in Singapore. I have been in the whole "forums world" for about 3 years now. If you got any questions you'd like to ask me, go ahead, throw it all at me! :great:
  18. Joel

    Full review for XCodeHQ

    Name of Forum: XCodeHQ Forum Link: www.XCodeHQ.com Type of Review ( Quick Review / Forum Review / Blog Review ): Full review please Date Forum Opened: Late 2010 Demo Account for reviewer (Supplied by requester): NA Additional Notes: thanks
  19. Joel

    BUYING your posts (20FP/post) and signature spaces (150FP)!

    Hello FP community! If you want to earn some quick FP cash for yourself, you've came to the right place. I am buying posts from you for my forum and also your signature space here for my forum. My payouts are pretty fair and good, so feel free to check them! Offer Number 1 I'll be paying...
  20. Joel

    Firefox more famous or Google Chrome?

    Alright, its rather obvious that Firefox and Google Chrome is the top 2 most used browsers on the internet. So which one is more famous? Its Firefox right?