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  1. TCN Prime

    Adding Staff to your forum

    For my opinion I think if the amount of members and daily postings are at a point in which you're spending more time doing actual moderation than working on your site. That's probably time to start bringing in one or two mods to help out.
  2. TCN Prime

    SMF 2.1 RC 4

    SMF, that's a name I've not heard in some time. I wouldn't run this on any server knowing that security issues that'll pop up be handled in a quick manner. Be like running phpNuke for my site :D
  3. TCN Prime

    Are Gaming Computers Better Than Consoles?

    The versatility of PC's are higher than consoles. For the simple concept if a component stops working, you can at least replace it and not the entire unit.
  4. TCN Prime

    Brave Browser - Do you use it?

    I tend to switch browsers monthly, just to see how they are in a daily routine setting. Brave is pretty good in the fact of its adblocker being built in. For earning crypto I just have any of it earned go back in the sites I typically visit since you're only getting maybe $5-$6 a month at most.
  5. TCN Prime

    How Do You Do

    Thank you :D The forum is open to the indie game developers, content creators and anyone who is looking for safe for work or family friendly content. We currently host an original podcast for geek parents raising their kids and providing help to new and up in coming creators with tutorials.
  6. TCN Prime

    Admin Replies

    I agree with many people here in that the admin shouldn't necessarily respond to every post and/or thread. Just need to engage with their community and make their members feel welcomed.
  7. TCN Prime

    How Do You Do

    Thanks :D I did a car club forum back in the day. Had the Timeslip database and the XF Showcase plugin from Bob.
  8. TCN Prime

    How Do You Do

    How's it going everyone, Known about this site for so long as I had started forums many years ago when Xenforo first came out. It's been a long time since had managed another forum until recently. Decided to stop messing around with Wordpress and get back into IPB. Wanting to start things of...
  9. TCN Prime

    The Collective Network