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    Seeking Content Writers

    Hi there, are you someone who enjoys writing? Or perhaps doing interviews with various individuals? Well you're in luck as IndieComiX is looking for interested parties to help cover reviews on various comic books in the Independent Comic Book world in addition to doing interviews with creators...
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    IndieComiX - An Independent Comic Book Review Website

    Website name: IndieComiX Website link: https://indiecomix.net/ Genre: Entertainment (I think?) Age of site: 8 years, began in 2012. Info: At IndieComix, our goal is to provide the fans with information regarding all the fresh and best new independent comics on the market today. Ranging from the...
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    Content/Temporary Domains/Actual Domains

    Apologies if in the wrong place. Alright so I've recently joined GoDaddy and using Wordpress through it and I'm on a waiting period for my domain to transfer from Weebly to there. Now what I'm wondering is, will I lose any work I've already done once I switch from the temp domain to my domain?
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    Blog services

    Apologies if this is in the wrong spot. But what blog sites would you guys recommend and why? I've been with Weebly since 2012 but I'm starting to wonder if maybe its time to move.
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    Bangin' About

    Showcasing my talent (or lack of) with the drums! gTJeH6QeD0s Tried doing what Cterra showed me but I must be doing something wrong.
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    Me and Diabetes

    Hopefully placing this in here is alright, but here's a video I made last night on my experiences with Diabetes. How do you have it preview on here instead of just showing as a link? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Eoq2GlFfBc 0Eoq2GlFfBc
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    Full Review for IndieComiX

    Name of Site: IndieComiX Site Genre: Comic Books (Not sure what genre that would be, Entertainment maybe?) Site URL: http://www.indiecomix.net Type of Review (Full/Quick/Questionnaire): Full please Opening Date: June 14th, 2012 Additional Notes: About once a week I delete older entries off the...
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    Google Chrome

    For anyone who uses this browser, how often do you tend to experience problems with it? I for example, tend to experience Shockwave crashes several times every day while using it.
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    That Holiday Cheer!

    A little video from me havin' some of that special cheer. Enjoy! s7yo5Zz_Gfs
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    Basic Review please

    Name of Site: IndieComiX Site URL: http://www.indiecomix.net Type of Review: Basic. If Sectional Section: Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): Opening Date: June 14th, 2012 Additional Notes:
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    Several Sigs if you please

    Type of Graphic: Signatures Size in pixels: Whatever the standard FP size is. Type of payment: FP's Link to forum or screenshot: Colour scheme: Leaving it up to you. Text / Subtext on image: www.indiecomix.net and Where The Indies Matter! Underneath the link. Link to images (if applicable): If...
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    Review/Article Writer

    Website Name: IndieComiX Positions Available: Are you someone who loves comic books? And perhaps might have an interest in writing about them? Whether its a review or some kind of opinion? Not to mention like to read the Indies that are out there? Well here at IndieComiX we'd love to have you...
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    WWE 13

    Anyone here got this game yet? What are your thoughts on it if you have played?
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    Looking for a review writer

    Forum Name: IndieComiX Even though its not a forum. Positions Available: Review Writer Link to forum: http://www.indiecomix.net/ I am looking for someone who would be willing to write reviews for me on IndieComiX. I will supply you with the comics to read and review. You need to have good...
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    Scum and Dark Half

    The time is quickly approaching for when both Scum and Dark Half release their brand new albums!! Titled The Gorefather and Graveyard Blues respectively. Here's your chance to pre-order your own copies of their albums. And in a special mega pack deal all for 18 bucks...
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    MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't

    Corrupt Enough To Stay Bought Can you believe that? Isn't there grounds for being thrown in prison for trying to bribe an elected official? http://www.techdirt.com/articles/201201 ... ught.shtml
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    LSP MegaPack deal

    Are you a fan of Underground music? And one with an open mind at that? Have you ever heard of Lyrikal Snuff Productions? Who include such artists as Smallz One, SCUM, Borey The Rhino, Death4Told, Flatline, and more. If interested, and or have heard of them. Check out this excellent deal they are...
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    Smallz One (Feat-ClaAs)-The .357 Serenade

    Their new single! Hope y'all ready! XcQpzA7F7AU
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    Oklahomies Mini Gathering

    For any of you down with the Clown Ninjalos and Ninjalettes who may be lurking about here on FP. Here is some freshness fo yo selves. Q78sazmMCa0
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    InvestComics™ Reviewers/Columnists

    Forum Name: InvestComics™ Positions Available: We are currently searching for those who love to write columns and or reviews on Movies, TV shows, Toys, and etcera. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you. Please contact me. We will offer free promo in exchange. Link to forum...