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  1. xotoxi

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

  2. xotoxi

    $100 ThemeHouse theme is being given away for FREE! And here's how!

    I like what ThemeHouse does, but they change to much of the default XF templates for my liking.
  3. xotoxi


    Way to go!
  4. xotoxi

    Completed Need signature created

    Those are really nice @meetdilip
  5. xotoxi

    Having Multiple Styles

    I have four styles to choose from.
  6. xotoxi

    Gaming Latest is now 14 years old! Plus Auction Celebration

    Wow, 14 years is a long time.
  7. xotoxi

    Food and more!

    Nice job.
  8. xotoxi

    Is soda bad for you?

    Yes soda is bad for you if you overindulge.
  9. xotoxi

    Delete your history?

    Only on public computers.
  10. xotoxi

    Virtual Doctor Visits

    I haven’t done one, mine have all been in person.
  11. xotoxi

    Beautiful Forum.

    Welcome, yes I agree is is a beautiful forum.
  12. xotoxi

    Brave Browser - Do you use it?

    No I don’t use brave.
  13. xotoxi

    Pancakes or Waffles?

    Waffles FTW.
  14. xotoxi

    Would you rather read the book or watch its movie?

    I’d wait for the movie.
  15. xotoxi

    Man or Woman?

    I’m a man.
  16. xotoxi

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Hello there everyone.
  17. xotoxi

    Boxing Scene