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  1. EasyPete

    WTB Forums

    I might be interested in purchasing your forum. Let me know what you have and I’ll take a look. Thanks!
  2. EasyPete

    Critique my new forum

    Ladies and gentlemen I welcome your critique on my new general chat forum. I went even a step further and used a dot page as a tld. Please let me know what you guys and gals think and where I could use improvement or change. Thanks! iTalk.page
  3. EasyPete

    Seeking user to help get my new project going

    I'm in search of a user that would like to help me get my new project going. Your responsibilities would be simple. Post a thread or two every day, ideas for sections and to me help promote the forum. The position could be permanent or until and if it takes off. My requirements are the...
  4. EasyPete

    Realm Of Horrors Community

    I've had a lot of time on hands since I've been laid off and started my second forum which is based on horror films and what not. If you're into horror films pay a visit at RealmOfHorrors.com. It is still in it's extreme infancy stages.
  5. EasyPete

    Looking for forum posters

    I'm in search for two forum posters. Candidates must be adults in their late thirties or older and must be fluent in English. I'll need you to post a combination of threads and posts for a minimum of two months. It's for a brand new forum dedicated to Generation X hence why I'm only looking for...
  6. EasyPete

    We Love the Eighties

    Website URL: https://www.welovetheeighties.com/ Website Genre: Eighties lifestyle Date Founded: Dec 11, 2020 Website Software: IPB Website Information: An online community dedicated to the best decade ever the eighties.
  7. EasyPete

    WTB Looking for eighties blogs

    Hey all. I’m looking to purchase eighties blogs that are some what established. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks!
  8. EasyPete

    Pet Form Post Exchange 5/5 10/10 Or More

    Forum Link:pet-chat(dot)com/forums Your name on the board:Peter Exchange Details:Looking to exhange posts and threads on the pet forum. I expect quality as I will do the same. We can do 5 for 5, 10 for 10 or more depending on what we agree on. If your interested let me know the subject of your...
  9. EasyPete

    $50 dollars Posting Contest

    Hey everyone just thought some of you might be interested in a contest which we are having over at our forum. Its forum posting contest and the grand prize is $50 dollars payable through paypal. If your interested please check out the details Posting Contest
  10. EasyPete

    Important methods to market your forum

    These are some of the ideas that I gathered throughout the net and with the experienced that I gained. Please feel free to add to the list. Work on getting on the Search Engines A rich keyword page title Try and use keywords in hyperlinks Use descriptive keywords in your image alt...
  11. EasyPete

    Paid Moderator and Promoter

    Forum Name:Webmaster Source Forums Positions Available: Two Moderators and a Promoter Link to forum:http://www.WebmasterSourceForums.com We are looking a couple of moderators to handle a few sections of there choice. Moderators must be over the age of 16, be able to post fresh content and...
  12. EasyPete

    Webmaster Forums

    Webmaster Source Forums Site URL:http://www.WebmasterSourceForums.com Webmaster source forums is an online community dedicated to web administration and development Jerry