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  1. D - A New Webmail!

    Emails just got a whole lot easier. And extremely beautiful. Currently, you can check your emails ( by visiting or Which is nice, easy and something we're all (or most of us) are used to - but it's rather time consuming, right...
  2. D Quick Review

    Name of Site: Site Genre: Awesome web hosting Site URL: Type of Review (Full/Quick/Questionnaire): Quick Opening Date: 2011 Additional Notes:
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    Powerful cPanel Control Panel - Redesigned.

    We were bored of how cPanel looked by default - so we thought we would change things around. Same powerful cPanel hosting control panel, but with an updated look and feel (as well as few new functionality). Here's a picture: - First, we've made some basic integration between our hosting...
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    Name of Site: Site Genre: Website/Web Solutions Site URL: Type of Review ( Full/Quick ): Full Opening Date: Late 2011 Additional Notes: Thanks :)
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    6 Months of Free Web Hosting

    When you transfer to from your current web hosting provider, we will gift you with 6 months of credit to use towards your hosting services at at any time. We know that you will love us and want to make up for all the downtime and lack of support from our competition. Take...
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    $0.98 Domains (com/net/org/biz) - Namecheap ... gistration) Thought I'd share :). Hopefully it works.
  7. D's New Website :)

    Hello! Over the last few months, we randomly asked visitors to provide us with feedback of our website's design and organization. It became obvious that our website's navigation was not easy as people could not easily find what they were looking for. Some have noted that our website did not...
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    Why is Your Website's Design Important?

    Out of the many important factors in being successful, I think, one of them is your website's design. Simply put your website is your image online. It's how clients and visitors remember you. Humans have the tendency of respecting hard/detailed/professional work and having a custom, well...
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    Name of Site: Site URL: Type of Review ( Pre-Launch/Basic/Sectional/In-Depth ): Basic If Sectional Section: Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): Opening Date: Sometime in '11 Additional Notes: Any links related to design services will not work. It would be...
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    Hilarious Hosting Companies

    So I was just browsing the internet and I saw this in another forum and I thought "God damn! I gotta share this on FP! If I share this..I'll surely have a higher chance of getting laid and all the ladies in the forum will just run to my apt!" Ok maybe, that wasn't the exact thought but...
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    Reseller Hosting - Free WHMCS, IP, Master Reseller

    The question few of our clients keep asking (who are interested in upgrading) this a promotion? And I love answering it, no! it is not a promotion; it's our normal reseller hosting packages! SimplixHost is very happy to start our reseller hosting program. Here's an excerpt from our own...
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    100FPS or 10 Posts for Clicking Links, Signing Up etc

    Heylo guys, so I'm trying to win tickets to a Green Day concert and I have to get tons of points in order to increase my chance of winning tickets! Alright here is what you guys can do... For clicking - 10FP (Register +1) If you signup - 50FP (Register +5) If...
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    Free Hosting

    Hey guys To show my appreciation towards FP. I've been around a while now and I have to say, FP is where my web journey begun. Now, I'm places that I never thought I'd accomplish - intern at Google, owning my own business online and lot more I learned...simply because I started here. So, I...
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    $5 Domains at Godaddy

    Up to 5 domains. "Customers may not use gift cards, PayPal®, or AliPay to redeem this offer."
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    New Exciting Feature: FREE Top Level Domains

    Hello guys :) SimplixHost is happy to announce a very new feature and idea. We know not everyone is able to make a purchase online, specifically domains. I think at one point, we all had the moment where we were short on money and wished there were some way you can get a domain for free...
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    FireFox Being Awesome with 3D Page Views

    Occasionally, I'll use FireFox...and this is what I came across today (someone tell me if I'm super late to this :P) Go on any page, right click, inspect element, 3-D View on the lower left!
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    Free Domains for Completing Surveys?

    I've got a solid rudimentary idea here...users basically complete surveys to earn points..and once they've earned enough points they can request a top level domain. I know many people on the forums world might be interested as this is an easy way of getting a free domain. I would just need the...
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    Forgot Password at Digitalpoint forums...

    Ok, this is bugging me so much! I had a quite established DP account. But I didn't use it for a LONG time. I can't login with my usual passwords...which I am guessing is because DP requires pw changes every 6 months and I probably used one that was popular to me at that time. I also can't reset...
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    Experimental Logo [Feedbacks]

    Hey guys, I am working on several logos and I will update OP progressively. For now, Any thoughts? Thanks :)
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    Mrrr Kenneeeeeeedyy! jk Dean Reacher :P

    **Optional Information** Username: Dean Reacher Age: 21 Gender: M Location: NY Family: Awesome one. Favourite foods & drinks: I love thai food & I have yet to drink soda :D ICEEEEEEEEE TEA Favourite bands/music: Oh my, Maroon 5, The Script, Linkin Park, BLINK 182, One Republic and some more...